Olefins & Derivatives

Keeping Pace with the Rapidly Changing Global Olefins & Derivatives Markets

Understanding the Olefins & Derivatives Market Requires Large Amounts of Reliable and Unbiased Data

We are the global chemical industry’s premier source for historical and forecast pricing. We facilitate strategic investment decisions by providing the near-term outlook for Asian, European, and North American Olefins & Derivatives markets and long-term specific product and market coverage. The consultants at Chemical Market Analytics often have decades of experience working in these markets and understand the challenges and opportunities, enabling efficient and invaluable interactions with clients.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Understanding this market requires access to large amounts of reliable and unbiased data. We have precise quantitative models that are globally connected and integrated from the feedstock to the derivatives.

With more than 150 experts around the world and more than 40 years of industry experience, we can provide you with historical and forecast pricing, regional resin production tracking, resin demand analysis, and global trade reporting.

Disruptive Technologies have Potential to Change Competitive Landscape

We closely monitor and analyze the global ethylene and propylene markets giving you the visibility needed to make confident strategic decisions.

Our consultants obtain price information from discussions with key market players and provide daily, weekly, or monthly reports depending on market dynamics.

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Companies along the Olefins & Derivatives Chain

Accelerate your work with our customizable platforms, which allow you to manipulate our extensive data set to model different scenarios.

Financial Capital MarketAssess which companies might prevail

  • Find out where new investments are likely in the future across the olefins value chain
  • Assess the economic performance of chemical sectors and likely winners or losers
Energy & RefiningUnderstand the downstream petrochemical markets

  • Follow short-term market fundamentals in olefins and monitor offtake interruptions
  • See how demand changes in plastics may impact olefin feedstocks in longer-term
Cracker OperatorOperate facilities for maximum value

  • Track forecast changes to cost, price and margin for ethylene, propylene and its derivatives
  • Plan maintenance and large investments with confidence guided by data and insight
Downstream ChemicalsUnderstand feedstock price movements and market trends

  • See how refined product price and olefins cost changes will impact your business
  • Follow where new investments are with our live capacity database
Trader & DistributorTrack price movements and trade flows to spot arbitrage opportunities

  • A trusted source of spot/contract prices, providing historical and forecast price movements
  • Comprehensive country by country trade flow movements for key olefins and derivatives
Brand Owner & RetailerComplex chemical markets are simplified, keeping you on top of prices and markets

  • Monitor forecast price trends through the value chain to anticipate end-product price change
  • Plan for the future with the long-term supply and demand outlook, find new supply sources

Product and Solutions

Make Better Acrylonitrile Buying, Selling, and Operating Decisions.

Find current and historical prices, including the near-term price forecasts for acrylonitrile, its feedstocks, and its key derivatives. Gain critical insights from our analysis of the regional acrylonitrile market dynamics, and country-specific trade data for acrylonitrile and its primary derivatives.

Asia Light Olefins Covers the World’s Fastest-Growing Region for Light Olefins.

Managed by consultants in our Asia offices, Asia Light Olefins tracks the latest developments in the world’s fastest-growing region for light olefins. You receive weekly market updates, including the monthly commentary on our forecasts for prices, supply and demand, trade flows and production costs. You will also receive a CHINA weekly focusing only on the China olefins market.

In addition to quarterly supply and demand balances and the operating schedules, the monthly analysis also features a “Focus” section, which  delivers our consultants’ insights about timely, critical topics in the Asian olefins sector.

Europe & Middle East Light Olefins Draws Upon More Than 25 Years of Experiences to Provide Clients with Near-term Forecast for the Region’s Light Olefins and Derivatives Markets.

Europe & Middle East Light Olefins offers a comprehensive focus view of the European and Middle Eastern light olefins markets. While this service concentrates predominantly on Europe and the Middle East, it also benefits from the insights provided by our Asian and North American practices, making it a fully integrated service.

Clients receive quarterly price forecasts each month, along with a quick reference appendix containing data on supply and demand, trade, operating schedules, new project listings and price forecasts. Through continual, personal interactions with key industry sources, chemical consultants gather and study industry-specific data, analyze and translate it into valuable insights and forecasting advice.

Access to the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Analysis and Near-Term Forecasting for the Acrylates and Super Absorbent Polymer Markets.

Find regional price data, margin analysis, production capacities and economics, supply-demand balances, and import-export flows for glacial acrylic acid, butyl acrylate, 2 ethyl hexyl acrylate and super absorbent polymers (SAP). In addition, you will receive selected end-use demand and shipments, including the plant and project news across the value chain.

Global C4 Olefins & Elastomers Provide Near-Term Market Intelligence on Butadiene, Butylenes, Mtbe, and C4-based Elastomers.

Global C4 Olefins & Elastomers provides near-term market intelligence on butadiene, butylenes, MTBE and C4-based elastomers. Clients rely on our impartial analyses, supported by independent data, to make optimal decisions in this highly complex market.

Understanding the intricacies of the global C4s and elastomers supply chain requires deep knowledge of the highly different drivers and regulatory patterns influencing its components. Global C4 Olefins & Elastomers harness over three decades of industry experience to provide our clients with the most comprehensive view of these world markets. Through continual, personal interactions with key industry sources, chemical consultants gather and study industry-specific data, analyze and translate it into valuable insights and forecasting advice.

Clients receive a monthly market summary and appendix, containing current and forecasted prices, supply and demand balances, operating schedules and other key market metrics. Near mid-month, our consultants deliver a separate, detailed report on a timely issue facing the global C4s and elastomers industry.

Global Tire Raw Materials Indices Delivers a Monthly Index for Historical and Current Tire Raw Material Costs, Segmented by Synthetic Rubber, Natural Rubber, Carbon Black, Fiber, Steel Cord, Silica and Other Chemicals.

Recent years have seen increased volatility in tire raw material costs due to trends in world oil, petrochemical and natural rubber markets. Against this background of rapid change and uncertainty, Global Tire Raw Materials Indices equips tire producers and consumers with the relevant data they need to conduct transparent transactions and increase efficiency. Each month, clients receive a series of indices demonstrating historical and current tire raw material trends for each region.

With Global Tire Raw Materials Indices, clients benefit from the extensive chemical knowledge of the petrochemical and rubber industries as well as consultants’ access to leading references in Europe, the United States and Asia for feedstock prices. Through continual, personal contact with these sources, consultants gather, systematize and translate the data into valuable insights and forecasting advice.

North America Light Olefins Equips you With Near-Term Pricing and Other Key Forecasts for the Entire Light Olefin Value Chain, from Upstream Sources to Downstream Ethylene, Propylene and Primary Derivatives.

North America Light Olefins provides clients with a comprehensive, yet focused view of the Canadian, US and Mexican light olefins (ethylene and propylene) markets. You will receive weekly and monthly market data and analytical insights covering the ethylene and propylene markets, with an overview of their major derivative products. The clients also receive our prices, unique metrics and real-time news and intelligence. Through continual, personal interactions with key industry sources, our consultants collect industry-specific data, analyze and translate it into valuable insights and forecasting advice.

Cutting-edge Research and Forecasts Necessary to Gain a Competitive Edge

Near Term Outlook – Market Analysis
Asia C4 olefins & elastomersGlobal C4 olefins & elastomers
Asia light olefinsGlobal Oxo Chemicals
Europe/Middle East light olefinsGlobal tire raw material indices
Global acrylates & SAPNorth America light olefins
Global acrylonitrile & derivatives
  • Market prices, costs, and margins (historical, current, forecast)
  • Extensive expert commentary on prices, costs, margins, trade, market conditions, operational issues and future trends impacting markets
  • Quarterly supply/demand balances and trade flows
Long Term Outlook – World Analysis
Acrylic acid & acrylatesMTBE
AcrylonitrileOxo alcohols
ButylenesPropylene oxide
  • Long-term supply-demand database updated bi-annually
  • Real-time global capacity database
  • Detailed country-level trade grids updated bi-annually
  • 10-year forecasts for price, cost and margin updated quarterly
  • Upside and downside sensitivities
  • Strategic market assessments

Olefins and Derivatives Global Team

Steve Lewandowski

Steve Lewandowski Global Olefins & Derivatives Team Lead

Mr. Lewandowski serves as the vice president of global olefins at Chemical Market Analytics.

Steve is based in Houston. During a career spanning 30 + years in the refining and chemical industry, Steve has experience across the spectrum of refining and petrochemical hydrocarbon value chains covering a wide array of financial, strategic, technical, and commercial roles. Before his move to CMA, Steve was Senior Manager of Base Chemicals at TOTAL Petrochemicals & Refining, Inc. In that capacity, he managed the P&L of the base chemicals business including joint venture relationships, strategic guidance to the partnerships, plant operational interfaces, project development, and the commercial responsibility for olefin and aromatic monomers including styrene.

Prior to the Base Chemical Senior manager role, Steve had increasing responsibilities within the Petrochemical business at TOTAL. The Latest assignment was overseas, Brussels Belgium, responsible for the Global aromatics long-term commercial business activity. The assignment included P&L responsibility and strategic project development for TOTAL around the world. Prior to the Belgian assignment, he worked as manager of the US aromatics business. Before 2000 Steve was involved in the refining and fuels side of the Hydrocarbon chain both for what was then FINA Oil and Chemical and for Star Enterprise (a joint venture between Texaco and Saudi Aramco) working as a process engineer, optimization engineer, fuels blending optimizer, branded/unbranded fuels marketing and supply lead, and in a business development role.

Steve earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University in 1987 and an MBA with of focus on finance and economics from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2000.

Carlo Barrasa

Carlo Barrasa Global Propylene

Carlo Barrasa is the Executive Director of Chemical Market Analytics

He is in charge of the North American Light Olefins service, which provides clients valuable insights into the regional market dynamics of cracker feedstocks, ethylene, and propylene. Prior to joining Chemical Market Analytics, Carlo was a Senior Strategy Advisor at Anadarko Petroleum where he was responsible for guiding the company’s market strategy for its Natural Gas Liquids business. After beginning his career in various downstream and chemical roles with ExxonMobil, Carlo previously held senior consulting and research positions at IHS Markit legacy companies PFC Energy and CMAI.

Carlo holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a master’s in business administration, both from the University of Texas at Austin.


Bill Hyde

Bill Hyde Global C4 & Elastomers

Bill Hyde is the vice president of Olefins & Elastomers at Chemical Market Analytics.

Mr. Hyde is a member of Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS a Dow Jones Company where he leads a group focused on analyzing markets related to C4 Olefins, synthetic and natural rubber, and tire raw materials. He has been consulting in this market since 2002. Hyde began his career with the Union Carbide Corporation in 1990 where he had various positions including production engineering, optimization, planning, and logistics. In 2000, he joined Texas Petrochemicals as a Business Analyst. In 2002, Hyde joined CMAI, which was acquired by IHS in 2011, in the Olefins Consulting Practice with an emphasis on C4 Olefins and rubber, assuming responsibility for that practice in 2006. The Base Chemicals Group of IHS Markit, which includes the C4 Olefins and Elastomers Practice, became Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS a Down Jones Company in June 2022. He has published a number of papers on the Olefins and Elastomers industries as well as presented at numerous Olefins and Elastomers Conferences around the world.

Hyde has B.S. and M.S. Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and an M.B.A. from Tulane University.

William Chen, Ph.D

William Chen, Ph.D China Ethylene, Propylene, C4 Olefins & Elastomers

William Chen is Executive Director at Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company.


He has expertise in industrial experience, including R&D, sales, and professional consulting services. He leads Asia Olefins business with research responsibilities for providing insight into the dynamics associated with the ethylene, propylene, C4 & derivatives value chain markets. Provide thought leadership on the markets relating to supply, demand, price, and economics, as well as competitive dynamics and changing industry structural elements. Write analyses for Weekly, Monthly, and Annual reports (Market Advisory Services and World Analyses). William also Leads the Asia Olefins business for strategic growth as well as provides ongoing commercial management. Focus on nurturing relationships with clients and deepen services as part of clients’ commercial and strategic decision-making processes. Nurture relationships with clients, including SOEs, POEs, and MNCs to deepen services as part of clients’ commercial and strategic decision-making processes. Within Chemical Market Analytics, William also has been involved in many petrochemical consulting projects and multiple client studies, including China Coal Chemical Study, Global Propane Dehydrogenation Research, and Refinery-cracker/aromatic complex feasibility study.

Prior to Chemical Market Analytics, William worked for ChemChina. At the company, William started as a chemical engineer in the Lanzhou fiber plant, in Northwest China. Then, he moved back to Beijing to focus on downstream application development. In the last two years with ChemChina, William took charge of sales and marketing responsibility in NE Asia.

William earned Ph.D from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and majored in Polymer Chemistry and Physics. William is based in Beijing China.

Kevin Longworth

Kevin Longworth Global Acrylonitrile

Kevin Longworth qualified as a process engineer in 1999 and subsequently worked in the plastics industry for several years in South Africa and the UK at Chemical Market Analytics.

Mr. Longworth in 2009 he leapt at the opportunity to transition into the world of petrochemicals consulting and since then his career has moved from strength to strength as he has gained experience in a multitude of areas. During his more than decade long journey in the petrochemicals arena he has gained a deep insight into how this complex and volatile industry ticks. After spending several years as a consultant to the plastics industry he then took on the role of global research and analysis director for the acrylonitrile market service in March 2020. He works with a broad range of clients across the acrylonitrile value chain and his clients include major producers, consumers, and traders/distributors. The nature of his work allows him a unique global perspective of the acrylonitrile industry across all regions.


Martin Staley

Martin Staley EMEA Acrylic Acid, Acrylates, SAP, MMA, Oxo Alcohols, Plasticizers

Martin Staley serves as the Research and Analysis Director for the Acrylic Acid and OXO Alcohol value chains which includes the acrylate esters, butyl acrylate, 2-EH Acrylate, Methyl Acrylate, and Ethyl Acrylate

Martin joined IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) in March 2022. The related chemical, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) is also under Martin’s purview and the downstream OXO plasticizer derivatives. These chemicals are covered in the Market Advisory Service reports, published monthly and the World Analysis reports, published annually.

Martin has over 30 years of chemical industry experience having recently served as the Regional Vice President for Third Coast International for 14 years. Third Coast is a leading chemical service provider with operations in the Houston area with historic joint ventures in Singapore and Qatar. The company is a leading automotive brake fluid producer, marketer of propylene glycol, and a leading contract manufacturing company. Before Third Coast, Martin spent 17 years in a variety of roles with LyondellBasell with a focus on the Propylene Oxide and derivatives business including PO-based glycol ethers, glycols, 1,4-Butanediol and derivatives, and C4 specialties. He also held the Chair of the Glycol Ether sector for the Oxygenated Solvent Producers Association an industry trade body under C.E.F.I.C. helping prepare the industry for the introduction of REACH.

Martin started his chemical industry career in the United Kingdom with what is now Univar. Martin holds a BSc. Hons. Degree in Biology with subsidiary subjects of Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Portsmouth University.

Matthew Thoelke

Matthew Thoelke EMEA Ethylene & Propylene

Mr. Thoelke’s role in Chemical Market Analytics as executive director for Olefins and Derivatives in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Chemical Market Analytics.

During his time with IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics), and CMAI, Martin took a variety of roles across a broad range of product areas. With over 20 years of experience, Matthew act as the key resource within the business for understanding and insight into the olefins sector of the petrochemical industry, for these key regions, he works closely with the petrochemical, oil and financial industries, bringing support and guidance throughout the petrochemical chain. Current specific responsibilities include the European/Middle East Report Olefins and primary input and support for the World Ethylene and Propylene Analyses.

Previously within CMAI, Mr. Thoelke has worked in both olefins and aromatics consulting in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with key responsibilities in olefins, but also in aromatics markets. His previous role had a primary focus on butadiene and elastomers, in which subjects he remains a globally recognized industry speaker and expert. His responsibilities included input to the Global Outlook – Feedstocks, Elastomers Report, European Market Report Aromatics, Aromatics Market Report, and taking the lead role in analyzing olefin and derivative markets in support of the long-term planning outlooks in the World Analysis.

Educated at Cambridge University Mr. Thoelke received a BA and MA in Material Sciences before completing a Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (ACDMM).