Position for Growth in the Fast-changing Chlor-Alkali, Vinyls, Soda Ash, and Bleaching Chemicals Markets.

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Inorganic chemical markets are complex. You need to make informed decisions but don’t have time to analyze such an elaborate market. We provide global and regional Market Advisory Services and price reports that deliver a comprehensive view of world markets for Chlor-Alkali, Vinyls, Soda Ash, and Bleaching Chemicals. You will also receive access to our industry experts and price database.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

We have precise quantitative models that are globally connected and integrated from the feedstock to the derivatives. Understanding these markets requires large amounts of reliable and unbiased data and the expertise to transform data into valuable insights.

The Inorganics services deliver critical insights bi-weekly, monthly, and in special report formats. You will also be able to gain access to experts around the world with combined experiences exceeding 350 years

Disruptive Technologies have the Potential to Change Competitive Landscape

We closely monitor and analyze the Chlor-Alkali, Vinyls, Soda Ash and Bleaching Chemicals markets, giving you the visibility needed to make confident strategic decisions.

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Companies along the Inorganics Chain

Accelerate your work with our customizable platforms, which allow you to manipulate our extensive data set to model different scenarios.

Financial Capital MarketAssess which companies might prevail in inorganics

  • Find out where new investments are likely in the future across the inorganics value chain
  • See which of the diverse sectors are most likely to be winners or losers longer-term
Energy & RefiningUnderstand the chlor-alkali, vinyls, soda ash and bleaching chemicals markets

  • Follow short-term market fundamentals across these complex value chains
  • See how demand changes in vinyls may impact olefin feedstocks in longer-term
Inorganics ProducerOperate facilities for maximum value

  • Closely monitor market dynamics across the inorganics space in this intertwined industry
  • Plan for new investments or expansions with confidence guided by data and insight
Downstream ChemicalsUnderstand feedstock price movements and market trends

  • Follow the chlor-alkali, vinyls, soda ash and bleaching chemicals cost, price, and margin changes
  • See where new investments are being made with our live capacity database
Trader & DistributorTrack price movements and trade flows to spot arbitrage opportunities

  • A trusted source of spot/contract prices, providing historical and forecast price movements
  • Comprehensive country by country trade flow movements across traded inorganics products
Downstream IndustrySee how developments in inorganics may impact the downstream industry

  • Follow price fluctuations to understand the relevance for all major end users
  • Get a strategic overview of how the industry is expected to develop by country and region

Product & Solutions

Global Chlor-Alkali Provides Full Market Coverage of the Global Chlor-Alkali Value Chain.

The global Chlor-alkali industry is undergoing significant restructuring in response to volatile energy markets and demand growth exceeding capacity growth. Regional production economics including supply and demand balances turn on the key issues, such as geopolitical conflicts, availability of chlorine, shifting technology profiles and access to competitive power and salt. With this rapidly evolving landscape, stakeholders need objective analyses based on completed, accurate data to make sound business decisions.

Global Chlor-alkali gives you unrivaled insights, analysis, data and forecasting for the world’s Chlor-alkali markets: supply and demand data and projections, near-term price, cost and margin forecasts, trade analyses, and access to our proprietary price database and our team of highly experienced market experts.

Access Reliable Analysis and Insights and Accurate Data for the World’s Vinyl Markets with Global Vinyls.

Global Vinyls brings you unrivaled coverage of the world’s EDC, VCM and PVC markets. Each month, clients receive extensive price, cost and margin data for multiple product grades, including the analysis, data and insights regarding production, supply, demand and trade for all major world regions. The vinyls research experts located in the three continents communicate regularly with the major industry sources to collect industry-specific data and transform it into valuable insights and forecasting advice.

Global Soda Ash Delivers Comprehensive Monthly Market Reports on the World’s Soda Ash Markets.

The world soda ash markets are evolving in response to strong demand growth, volatile energy markets, logistics challenges and market participant shifts. Catalysts for change include carbon emission reduction targets, geopolitical issues and demand growth. Dependence on a volatile energy market for critical feedstocks adds another layer of complexity.

In the face of rapid change and uncertainty, Global Soda Ash report provides clients unbiased, accurate data, and analysis to formulate careful investment and planning decisions. Our practice integrates consultants with our North American, European, and Asian soda ash market specialists to bring you the latest updates on the global soda ash industry. Clients receive monthly reports containing price, cost and margin data and forecasts and regional analysis of key market indicators, along with a mid-monthly data supplement.

Access the Authority on Sodium Chlorate, Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Hydrosulphite Market Dynamics and Prices.

Global Bleaching Chemicals delivers monthly, in-depth market analysis and data covering these three chemicals and the markets that consume them in all major global regions.

Expert research analysts around the globe deliver comprehensive market analysis and insights for sodium chlorate, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydrosulphite markets in North America, South America Europe, and Asia. Whether buying, selling, or researching the market, these monthly reports are your best source for bleaching chemical prices and market analysis.

Cutting-edge Research and Forecasts Necessary to Gain a Competitive Edge

Near Term Outlook – Market Analysis
Global Chlor-AlkaliGlobal Soda Ash
Global VinylsGlobal Bleaching Chemicals
  • Market prices, costs, and margins (historical, current, forecast)
  • Extensive expert commentary on prices, costs, margins, trade, market conditions, operational issues, and future trends impacting markets
  • Quarterly webinars and focus special reports on key industry issues
  • Quarterly supply/demand balances and trade flows
Long Term Outlook – World Analysis
Chlor-AkaliSoda Ash
  • Long-term supply-demand database updated bi-annually
  • Real-time global capacity database
  • Detailed country-level trade grids updated bi-annually
  • 10-year forecasts for the price, cost, and margin updated quarterly
  • Upside and downside sensitivities
  • Strategic market assessments

Inorganics Global Team

Hazel Kreuz

Hazel Kreuz Global Inorganics Team Lead

Hazel Kreuz serves as the Vice President of Global Inorganic Chemicals at Chemical Market Analytics, which includes Chlor-alkali chemicals, Vinyls, Bleaching Chemicals, and Soda Ash.

Ms. Kreuz brings four decades of chemical industry experience to the Chemical Market Analytics Inorganic chemicals insights team. She joined the IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) in 2016 as Chlor-alkali Chemicals Global Service Lead. Ms. Kreuz was promoted to her current role leading the Global Inorganic chemicals insights team in April 2019. She leads twenty analysts that analyze, forecast, and report on chlor-alkali chemicals, vinyls, bleaching chemicals, and soda ash from five global locations.
Ms. Kreuz has a background in petrochemicals and inorganic chemicals; she held a range of functional roles in several companies prior to joining Chemical Market Analytics. Hazel began her career in ethylene oxide and glycols manufacturing with Union Carbide Corporation; she also held ethylene oxide derivatives, HS&E, risk analysis, financial analysis, and marketing management positions with Union Carbide. She was a recipient of Union Carbide Corporation’s prestigious Chairman’s Award for the development of the Corporations’ Episodic Risk Management System, which Arthur D. Little praised as “elegant and sophisticated”.

Hazel moved to the inorganic chemicals world joining Canadian Occidental, which subsequently became Nexen Petroleum, and then Canexus, where she held management positions in chlor-alkali chemicals and sodium chlorate marketing, strategic planning, and investor relations. She returned to the US chemical market, joining Huntsman Corporation and serving as global marketing manager for mining chemicals, pulp & paper chemicals, and water treatment chemicals in the Performance Products division.
Hazel holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.


Eddie Kok

Eddie Kok Global Vinyls Service Lead

Eddie Kok is executive director of the Inorganics Group at Chemical Market Analytics

Eddie has global responsibility for the Vinyls Market Advisory Service. He has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical industry, holding broad responsibilities including regional sales, marketing, business development, and product management. Eddie joined Chemical Market Associates, Inc. (CMAI) in 2004 as a consultant. Eddie has responsibility for providing market coverage and analysis for the chlor-alkali and vinyls market in Asia. Eddie has a good grasp of the global chlor-alkali and vinyls sector dynamics and is the go-to person for data and market intelligence in Asia.

Before CMAI, at IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics), Eddie has broadened his responsibility and assumed the team leader role for the Vinyls Market Advisory Service. Over the years, he has worked on numerous chlor-alkali and vinyls projects around the Asia-Pacific region, providing analytical and planning support to the clients.

Eddie holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Campbell University, North Carolina, United States.

Nick Kovics

Nick Kovics Global Chlor-Alkali Service Lead

Nick Kovics is the Executive Director at Chemical Market Analytics.

Mr. Kovics leads the global chlor-alkali market advisory team and holds specialized expertise related to pulp bleaching chemicals including sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide.

Nick Kovics brings 25 years of chemical industry experience to the Chemical Market Analytics Inorganic chemicals insights team. He joined Chemical Market Analytics in 2017 as Global Bleaching Chemicals Global Service Lead. Mr. Kovics went on to lead the Global Lithium & Battery Materials team before being promoted to Chlor-alkali Chemicals Global Service Lead in 2020.

Mr. Kovics has a varied background having worked in upstream energy, new energy, and electrochemical. He held a range of functional roles in several companies prior to joining IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics). Nick began his career in the oil service sector with Schlumberger Canada cementing and hydraulic fracturing services. Nick transitioned from oil and gas to new energy and spent a decade in the hydrogen fuel cell sector with Ballard Power Systems. Nick’s career continued in the electrochemical sector when he joined Canexus and held positions in chlor-alkali chemicals and sodium chlorate marketing.

Nick holds a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, and is a Canadian Certified Professional Accountant.

Angel Fernandez

Angel Fernandez Global Bleaching Chemicals Service Lead

Angel Fernandez is the director of global bleaching chemicals at Chemical Market Analytics

joined IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) in 2021 and leads the Global Market Advisory Service for Bleaching Chemicals as part of the Inorganics Global Business Team. He brings 17 years of experience in trading, shipping, market research, and analysis for the chemical industry
Angel started his career in the chemical industry with BP Chemicals, followed by five years at Sojitz UK where he was involved in the trading and shipping of aromatics, solvents, and methanol.

Prior to joining IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics), he spent 10 years researching and analyzing oxo alcohols, plasticizers, and chlor-alkali markets at a market data provider. Angel holds Masters Degrees in Chemistry and International Relations.

Marguerite Morrin

Marguerite Morrin Global Soda Ash Service Lead

Marguerite Morrin is the executive director at Chemical Market Analytics.

Marguerite covers all chlor-alkali, vinyls, and related products in the chemicals industry. Her primary focus is on soda ash worldwide and the chlor-alkali/vinyls markets in the European, Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) regions. She has also participated in many single-client consulting studies on chlor-alkali/vinyls and soda ash. Ms. Morrin was responsible for launching the Global Soda Ash Service in 2008 and she is the lead consultant in soda ash, who presents many conference papers on the subject. Ms. Morrin also manages the European chlor-alkali team. She joined Chemical Market As, sociates, Inc. (CMAI) in 1990, initially as an analyst in olefins. Since 1994 she was involved in the analysis of the chlor-alkali product area and helped to build and develop this sector within CMAI, which later became part of IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) . Ms. Morrin graduated from University College Dublin, the Republic of Ireland, with a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Chemistry and she also holds a Diploma in Business Studies from University College Dublin.