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Dive deep into the latest trends, innovations, and transformative technologies shaping the chemical landscape. Stay ahead of the curve with insights that give you a competitive edge.

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of both global and regional dynamics, coupled with actionable insights tailored to your specific market environment. We bridge the gap between the global and the local.

Networking Excellence

Connect with industry leaders, experts, and peers who share your passion for chemical excellence. Forge alliances, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can fuel your professional growth.

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Immerse yourself in the wisdom of thought leaders and visionaries. Our lineup of speakers brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, delivering inspiration that can drive your business to new heights.

Strategic Decision-Making

Equip yourself with the tools to make informed decisions that drive success. Our conference is not just about information; it’s about providing you with the strategic insights needed to navigate the complexities of the chemical industry.

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May 7 - May 8, 2024

Global Chlor-Alkali & Vinyls Conference 2024

7-8 May 2024 · Lisbon, Portugal At the Global Chlor-alkali and Vinyls Conference 2024 Chemical Market Analytics and leading industry experts will showcase the latest supply and demand forecasts and associated price, cost and margin trends to give you the tools to optimize your strategy in an evolving market.

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May 29 - May 29, 2024

Market Briefing @ APIC 2024

Join us for a complimentary Market Briefing as our experts delve into the chemical industry and its value chains.

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June 17 - June 18, 2024

PEPP 2024

17 – 18 June 2024 · Amsterdam, The Netherlands The global PE and PP industry is facing disruptive realities. Unprecedented overcapacity amid slowing demand growth will continue to depress operating rates and compress profitability through the value chain. European players face withering cost pressure due to the Russian gas supply ban and additional challenges from circularity, and energy transition that require a long-term strategic reset. At the premiere PEPP conference, we will Navigating Through Disruption, Transition and Transformation and share views of subject matter experts and industry thought leaders on cyclical & structural factors and different scenario outcomes.

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September 9 - September 11, 2024

World Chemical Forum

World Chemical Forum is a new three-day event set that will redefine chemical industry conferences.

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October 9 - October 11, 2024

World Soda Ash Conference

The soda ash industry is at the forefront of a global energy paradigm while the landscape of the market is varied. In 2023, soda ash demand growth was at record highs in China while flat glass was weak but offset by strong demand growth in solar glass and lithium carbonate. Lithium carbonate is a big driver for soda ash demand but recently the sentiment around the outlook of electric vehicles (EVs) has become weaker. China is leading the green energy transition, with a focus on the “new three” clean energy technologies – EVs, lithium-ion batteries, and solar panels – but Chinese manufacturing is hugely reliant on coal. Total global demand had positive growth in 2023 due to strong growth in China but there was weak growth in the rest of the world. Additionally, global operating rates were at record highs, yet the year ended with crashing prices.

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