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Chemical Market Analytics, a leading provider of market and business advisory services for the worldwide chemical industry

Foresight That Empowers Our Customers
For over 40 years, our experts have enabled thousands of clients to make transformative decisions through our integrated approach to data analytics and market foresight.

Chemical Market Analytics is the premier provider of global market insights for the petrochemical industry, delivering integrated data, market analysis, and advanced modeling across all major industry verticals, including Olefins, Plastics and Polymers, Inorganics, Syngas, and Aromatics.

Global and Integrated Market Foresight

Chemical Market Analytics possesses the expertise to support our clients throughout the entire process, from 'Crude oil to Costco.' Our data models, refined over a 40-year period, offer historical analysis, real-time scenarios, and predictive analytics with a proven level of accuracy. Our approach goes beyond mere price reporting, as our experts can translate data and provide analytic foresight with exceptional precision.

Unparalleled Domain Expertise and Unmatched Industry Legacy

Our experts are multi-skilled with industry expertise in data models across all major value chains, allowing us to support our customers in multiple market segments. Chemical Market Analytics is composed of industry experts with extensive knowledge in buying, selling, producing, and trading, helping our customers achieve greater success. Commercial investors have relied on our data models and market foresight since the early 1980s.

A Reputation of Customer Service Excellence and Integrity

Chemical Market Analytics operates with integrity at its core, ensuring that customers can rely on the accuracy of our data. Our clients value and trust our experts, who maintain objectivity in data analysis. We have proven customer excellence through our long-term, retained client relationships. Additionally, our experts demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness to client needs.

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Who We Are

Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, previously the base chemicals business of IHS Markit, was acquired by Dow Jones on June 1, 2022. Our esteemed team of trusted  trusted subject-matter experts delivers next-generation analytics, in-depth insights, future outlooks, and price discovery to stakeholders in the global chemical industry, enhancing operational efficiency. We provide both short- and long-term market coverage through our Bespoke Consulting services, Energy and Feedstocks analysis, and coverage of over 200 core building-block chemicals via our Market Advisory Service, Chemical Advisory Service, World Analysis Service, Circular Plastics Service. Additionally, we host a series of educational and networking conferences worldwide, including the World Chemical Forum.

Integrity at the core
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OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides price transparency across the global fuel supply chain, enabling stakeholders to buy and sell energy commodities with confidence. We do this via multi-platform access to accurate data, real-time news, powerful software, and educational events. Our commitment to reliability is reinforced by personalized customer service and constant innovation. OPIS listens to what energy stakeholders need and responds with flexible and easy-to-use products.

Navigating world fuel markets is complex – OPIS makes it simpler.





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