Market Advisory Service

Over 100 Commodity Chemicals,
Across 30+ Individual Services

The premier source for data-based analytics, market intelligence, and price assessments for the petrochemical industry. Market Advisory Service is the most comprehensive resource for providing historical, current, and forecast spot and contract pricing. In addition, these services also provide current and near-term market data and analysis across all major petrochemical value chains. These services are available as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly offerings.

As part of the Market Advisory Services, we provide the market dynamics for price discovery and price forecasts, operating schedules and turnaround information, key trade flow analysis, quarterly supply, and demand dynamics, and the latest analysis of petrochemical markets.

Market Advisory Service allows you to:

  • Optimize decisions with reliable price, cost, and margin data
  • Leverage comprehensive regional coverage with market condition assessments, trade, and arbitrage views, and inter-regional competitiveness
  • Identify the most cost-effective products and feedstocks
  • Determine industry and company profitability for investment or relationship development
  • Optimize buy-sell decisions and contracts
  • Over 100 chemical families with nearly 2000 price assessment

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What’s Included in the report?

  • Market prices, costs, and margins (historical, current, and five-year forecasts)
  • Extensive expert commentary on prices, costs and/or margins, trade, market conditions, operational issues and future trends impacting markets
  • Quarterly supply/demand balances and trade flows
  • Unlimited access to our price and economics database
  • Integrated view from energy to consumer segments

Market Advisory Services include:

Aromatics & Fibers

  • Asia Aromatics
  • Europe Aromatics
  • Global Acetone
  • Global Nylon Fibres & Feedstocks
  • Global PET Stream
  • Global Polyester & Feedstocks
  • Global Polyurethane Feedstocks
  • North America Aromatics


  • Global Bleaching Chemicals
  • Global Chlor-alkali
  • Global Soda Ash
  • Global Vinyls
Olefins & Derivatives

  • Asia C4 Olefins & Elastomers
  • Asia Light Olefins
  • Europe & MDE Light Olefins
  • Global Acrylates & SAP
  • Global Acrylonitrile & Derivatives
  • Global Ethylene Oxide & Glycol
  • Global C4 Olefins & Elastomers
  • Global Oxo Alcohols & Plasticizers
  • Global Tire Type Indices
  • North America Light Olefins

Syngas Chemicals

  • Global Acetyls
  • Global Methanol
Plastics & Polymers

  • Asia Polyethylene
  • Asia Polypropylene
  • Asia, Middle East & India Plastics & Polymers
  • China Polyolefins
  • Europe Plastics & Polymers
  • Global Engineering Resins
  • Global Plastics & Polymers
  • North America Polyethylene
  • North America Polypropylene
  • Circular Plastics Service


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