Energy Macro Service

The most integrated, tailored and relevant strategic energy market outlook that matters to the chemical industry

The Global Crude Oil and Natural Gas Markets Report that
Focuses on the Chemical Market

At the heart of our services lie profound insights and accurate forecasts. With our new Energy Macro Service, we can now offer you a comprehensive understanding of how shifts in the Energy sector would impact the chemical market. Our analyses encompass crucial markets such as oil, natural gas, and gasoline, which have a significant influence on downstream chemical industries.

Why Choose Us?

Chemical Market Analytics and Rystad Energy Data are uniquely positioned to provide:
Our price forecasting methodology is specifically engineered to swiftly adapt to short-term market dynamics, enabling us to deliver more precise predictions. Additionally, we provide comprehensive and realistic insights into the long-term implications of the energy transition, incorporating relevant perspectives for the chemical industry. Our energy products are meticulously customized to cater to the distinctive needs of users in the chemical industry.

Comprehensive Monthly Market Price,
Supply, Demand, Trade Data and Analysis 



By subscribing to our Market Advisory and Energy Macro Services, you gain access to the fully integrated view, enabling you to obtain data and insights into the cost drivers of the chemical industry. Our team of experts, equipped with years of industry experience and a vast network of professional contacts, diligently monitors these intricate markets. This invaluable resource will enhance your market portfolio planning and empower you to make well-informed decisions when it comes to buying, selling, and operating within the chemical industry.


Unlike providing separate individual products for various commodities (such as oil, natural gas, and gasoline) and different regions, our Energy Marco Service offers a customized subscription that consolidates the most pertinent markets in a single, comprehensive package. This all-in-one solution provides exceptional value to your business, saving you the hassle of managing multiple subscriptions while delivering the insights you need for success.


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With a specific focus on the downstream chemical markets, the Energy Marco Service strives to deliver comprehensive analyses of the oil, natural gas, and gasoline markets that have the greatest impact. It provides you with all the necessary information from a chemical market perspective, ensuring you have a holistic understanding of the relevant dynamics and trends.

Insights That Drive All of Our Downstream Chemical Views



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Key Features



  • “Headlines & Highlights” of global oil and gas markets, accompanied by graphical analyses of weekly data releases
  • Access regional weather forecast maps and keep track of global daily road traffic volumes from Rystad Energy


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  • Gain insights into the essential market developments with a comprehensive overview
  • Explore forecast highlights and the driving factors behind Brent, Henry Hub, and significant gasoline grades, with a focus on what has changed compared to the previous month and the underlying reasons.
  • Receive a concise review of the supply and demand outlook for oil (global), gas, and gasoline in key regions such as NAM, WEP, and NEA, provided by Rystad Energy.
  • Data access historical and forecasted data for WTI, Brent, Dubai, Henry Hub, TTF, NBP, ZEEBRUGGE, NEA spot gas, JCC, as well as all gasoline grades.