World Analysis – Acrylonitrile

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  • Key Benefits
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Market Overview

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

Acrylonitrile is used as a monomer to produce various plastics, fibers, rubbers, and other chemicals. Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) resins are plastics that can be compounded with various additives to create unique properties, making them versatile and attractive for multiple end-use applications. Acrylic fiber contains 85% or more acrylonitrile by weight, while mod-acrylic fibers contain between 35% and 85% acrylonitrile. Adiponitrile is a precursor to hexamethylenediamine, which itself is a precursor to nylon 6,6 production (fibers and engineering plastics). Adiponitrile can be produced from acrylonitrile. Nitrile rubber (NBR) and nitrile latex (NBL) are copolymers (NB copolymers) of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Acrylamide, produced by the hydration of acrylonitrile, is used to make various types of polyacrylamides for different industry segments, such as water treatment and the oil & gas industry.

The ammoxidation of propylene represents the current commercial route for most of the world’s acrylonitrile production. In this process, chemical-grade propylene (CGP), fertilizer-grade ammonia, and air (sometimes oxygen enriched) are combined in a fluidized-bed catalytic reactor. Key coproducts of acrylonitrile production are hydrogen cyanide and acetonitrile. The hydrogen cyanide is generally consumed on site (e.g., used to manufacture sodium cyanide, methionine, methyl methacrylate, etc.), while acetonitrile is either recovered for marketing or disposed of. Coproduct utilization is critical to the economics of an acrylonitrile plant.

Key Benefits

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

The World Analysis – Acrylonitrile provides a comprehensive analysis and key insights on critical market developments as they shape the future outlook for the global acrylonitrile market.

The following reports, data files, analytical tools and visualization modules are available online and can be downloaded from our website:

  • Direct Access to the Subject Matter Experts
  • In-depth exploration of present market strategic insights, recognition of critical challenges, and presentation of our experts’ forecasts and analysis
  • Explanatory Notes detailing data sources, methodologies, unit and conversion factors, and World Analysis deliverables.
  • Energy and Economy assumptions
  • Price, cost, and margin base assumptions forecast and sensitivities analysis, including price assessment methodology and price definitions across all regions.
  • Excel data files with standard supply/demand graphics and price forecasts extended to 2050, trade grids with country and regional trade flows Data appendix (Excel) with supply/demand, capacity and trade tables.
  • An online dashboard visualization of capacity, supply/demand, trade grids, and price, cost and margin forecasts
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via data browser
  • Data Appendix (Excel) with supply/demand and capacity tables
  • Capacity by company/shareholder, capacity integration, top producer/consumer and surplus/deficit capacity ranking, and ownership/subsidiary information

In addition to acrylonitrile, capacity and brief textual analysis are provided for the following products:

  • ABS resin
  • Acrylamide
  • Acrylic fiber
  • Adiponitrile
  • Nitrile rubber
  • SAN resin

This World Analysis contains detailed information on capacities, production, demand, and trade for all significant producing and consuming countries and regions. Although data gathering is essential for understanding history and potential future trends, we believe that the interpretation and analysis of the data is the most valuable information to our clients.

Service Features

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050
Area Coverage: By country/region; include “hypothetical” capacity changes in the forecast period
Chemical Coverage: Acrylonitrile


Frequency: Updated daily
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050

  • Nameplate capacity on individual plant location by producer and by the shareholder for main study products + essential derivatives
  • Integration table and top producer and consumer ranking tables (includes net surplus/deficit)
Chemical Coverage: Acrylonitrile, ABS Resins, Acrylamide, Acrylic Fibers, Adiponitrile, Nitrile Rubber, Nitrile Latex, SAN Resins


Frequency: Quarterly
Format: Excel
Timeframe: up to 2050
Area Coverage: For the critical regions of North America (US), Europe & Asia
Chemical Coverage: Acrylonitrile


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 1 year of history, up to 10 years of forecast
Area Coverage: Between partner countries and by region
Chemical Coverage: Acrylonitrile


Frequency: Annual
Format: PDF/HTML
Timeframe: 5-year history, forecast to 2050
Coverage: Regional market summaries

  • Production economics/snapshots for selected regions/processes
  • Production process/technology overview
Chemical Coverage: Acrylonitrile, ABS Resins, Acrylamide, Acrylic Fibers, Adiponitrile, Carbon Fiber, Nitrile Rubber, Nitrile Latex, SAN Resins


  • Access to our global team of subject matter experts
  • Interactive data visualization module (dashboard)
  • Standard supply/demand graphs
  • Data appendix with supply/demand and capacity tables
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via data browser

Annual Table of Contents

  • Introduction 4
  • Executive Overview 6
  • Strategic Insights 8
  • Changes in Trade flows 8
  • Derivative Overview 11
  • ABS/SAN 11
  • Acrylamide 11
  • Acrylic fiber 11
  • Adiponitrile 12
  • Carbon fiber precursors 12
  • Nitrile rubber/latex 13
  • Miscellaneous end-uses 13
  • Production Process Overview 14
  • Introduction 14
  • Ammoxidation of propylene 14
  • Other Processes 15
  • Price Forecast 17
  • Methodology 17
  • United States 18
  • West Europe 19
  • Northeast Asia 20
  • Tables 21
  • Supply/Demand Forecast Methodology 23

Market Coverage


Industrial Products



David Onyekpe

David Onyekpe Sr. Research Analyst Global Olefins Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

David Onyekpe is a Senior research analyst in the Global Olefins group at Chemical Market Analytics. He is responsible for coverage of the acrylonitrile value chain and cotton.  Mr. Onyekpe has been with Chemical Market Analytics since 2016, where he has provided business information assisting clients in diverse projects. Prior to joining Chemical Market Analytics, David worked at the World Energy Council, where he assessed the impact of policies, in addition to opportunities and limitations that underpin some cross-cutting technologies within the energy Industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University College London.
Kevin Longworth

Kevin Longworth Executive Director, Global Acrylonitrile Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Kevin Longworth is the Executive Director for Global Acrylonitrile at Chemical Market Analytics. Kevin Longworth is the executive director of the Global Acrylonitrile service and started his career at Chemical Market Analytics in 2009. During his time at the company, he has worked across various chemical value streams, giving him extensive exposure to a broad cross-section of the petrochemical industry. Before joining Chemical Market Analytics, he worked for nearly a decade as a process engineer in the plastics industry in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Mr. Longworth leads the Global Acrylonitrile service, providing industry players with strategic intelligence and analysis for companies in this highly varied and complex value chain. Through regular engagement with industry stakeholders such as producers, downstream consumers, traders, distributors and investors, he helps them gain a deeper understanding of this volatile industry. The role is global, and he regularly contacts companies in Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. Prior to taking over his current role, he had several other roles within Chemical Market Analytics, the most recent of which was as Director for Polyolefins for the EMEA region. In this role, he was responsible for developing intellectual property for the plastics service in Europe. He was a leading expert in this field, presenting at conferences and acting as the client-facing consultant of the Global Plastics service for Chemical Market Analytics in the EMEA region. Mr. Longworth has a degree in Plastics Processing Technology from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa.  
Zengwei Yin

Zengwei Yin Principal Research Analyst, China Olefins & Acrylonitrile Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Zengwei Yin is a principal research analyst on the Acrylonitrile team. Zengwei provides analytical support for the market in Acrylonitrile China at Chemical Market Analytics. Zengwei has worked for six years for Schlumberger in the UK as an integrated fluids and solids engineer, where he has completed many exploration and development projects for international oil companies such as BP, Shell, Total and CNOOC International. Zengwei also has a background in chemical engineering; he graduated from Tsinghua University in Beijing.

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