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Market Overview

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

Sodium sulfate is an inorganic chemical. Anhydrous sodium sulfate (thenardite) and its related hydrate (mirabilite) are white solids that are water-soluble. Most sodium sulfate is recovered from natural lakes that contain large amounts of mirabilite. Sodium sulfate is also a by-product of many different chemical production processes. Detergent manufacturing is the world’s most significant demand sector It uses sodium sulfate as an inert filler and processing aid, thanks to its whiteness and purity. Other major applications include pulp, glass, textiles, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

Key Benefits

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

The Sodium Sulfate World Analysis – data-only, provides a comprehensive analysis and key insights into critical market developments as they shape the future outlook for the global Sodium Sulfate market.

  • Report outlining the future shape of global and regional markets
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via online Data Browser
  • Capacity by company/shareholder, top producer ranking (updated continuously)
  • Data Appendix (Excel) with supply/demand, capacity tables, price forecast
  • Excel data files with standard supply/demand graphics and price forecasts extended to 2050; trade grids with country/territory and region trade flows with 5-year and 10- year forecast
  • Online dashboard providing visualization of capacity, supply/demand, trade grids
  • Explanatory Notes detailing data sources, methodologies, unit and conversion factors, and World Analysis deliverables
  • Energy and Economy assumptions
  • Price assessment methodology

This World Analysis contains detailed information on capacities, production, demand, and trade for all significant producing and consuming countries and regions. Although data gathering is essential for understanding history and potential future trends, we believe that the interpretation and analysis of the data is the most valuable information to our clients.

Service Features

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050



Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: World Analysis Dashboard, Online, and Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 2017 – 2050
Area Coverage: By country/region; include “hypothetical” capacity changes in the forecast period
Chemical Coverage:Sodium Sulfate


Frequency: Updated daily
Format: World Analysis Dashboard, Online, and Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050

  • Nameplate capacity on individual plant location by producer and by the shareholder, aggregates by region
  • Integration table and top producer ranking tables
Chemical Coverage:Sodium Sulfate


Frequency: Quarterly
Format: World Analysis Dashboard, Online, and Excel
Timeframe: up to 2050
Area Coverage: For the key regions of North America (US), Europe & Asia
Chemical Coverage:Sodium Sulfate


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: World Analysis Dashboard, Online, and Excel
Timeframe: 1 year of history, up to 10 years of forecast
Area Coverage: Between partner countries and by region
Chemical Coverage:Sodium Sulfate


  • Access to our global team of subject matter experts
  • Interactive data visualization module (dashboard)
  • Standard supply/demand graphs
  • Data appendix with supply/demand and capacity tables
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via data browser


  • Explanatory notes 3
  • Preface 3
  • Online Resources 3
  • Chemical Market Analytics website 3
  • Excel supply/demand graph files 4
  • Chemical supply/demand database 4
  • Chemical capacity 5
  • Data Sources 7
  • World Regions 8
  • Supply/Demand Balances 8
  • Objectives 8
  • Capacity 9
  • Production 10
  • Imports and Exports 10
  • Net Inventory 10
  • Units of Measure 10
  • INCOTERMS® - Shipping Terms 10

Market Coverage


Pulp & Paper

Soap & Detergents


Ana Lopez

Ana Lopez Director, Americas Vinyls and Global Sodium Sulfate Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Ana Lopez is the Director of Americas Vinyls and Global Sodium Sulfate at Chemical Market Analytics. Ana Lopez is the Americas Director of Vinyls (PVC, VCM, EDC) research at Chemical Market Analytics. In addition, she is responsible for the global market analysis of sodium sulfate. She has held several roles across numerous product areas during her time with the company. With over 25 years of experience, Mrs. Lopez is a key resource within the business for understanding and insight into the chlor-alkali & vinyls sectors of the chemical industry. Within North America and South America, she works closely with the chlor-alkali and vinyls industries, bringing her experience from the commodity markets. Her current area of focus includes contributions to the ‘Global Vinyls Report as well as primary input and insight for the World Sodium Sulfate and World Vinyls analyses. Her prior experience includes covering caustic soda, chlorine, and hydrochloric acid. In this role, she was responsible for contributing to the Global Chlor-Alkali Report and World Analysis Chlor-Alkali. Before joining Chemical Market Analytics, Mrs. Lopez spent several years with Pemex International Trading Company (PMI) in Mexico City in petrochemical commercial operations and market analysis, preceded by a few years with the EPC company ICA Fluor Daniel. Mrs. Lopez has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master of Business Administration from Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, both in Mexico City. She joined Chemical Market Analytics in 2007 and is based in the Houston office.

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