World Analysis – Polypropylene

  • Market Overview
  • Key Benefits
  • Service Features
  • Annual Table of Contents

Market Overview

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

Polypropylene (PP) is a lightweight, versatile polymer with excellent chemical resistance, relatively high rigidity, and a high melting point compared with other polymers such as polyethylene (PE). The high-temperature resistance allows PP to be used in under-the-hood auto applications as well as retort and hot-filled treatments for food packaging. In compounding applications, PP can compete with higher-cost engineering resins which is particularly beneficial to the automotive industry, where PP can be blended with glass and easily painted. PP continues to be used in a wide variety of applications such as disposable face masks, sanitary wipes, automotive parts, carpet backing, carpet facing, household and food containers, furniture, toys, dog kennels, sports items, diapers, water pipes, foam construction materials, packaging and wrapping films, and woven bags for transporting vegetables, grains, cement, and fertilizers.

Propylene is the main feedstock for making Polypropylene, along with catalysts and ethylene comonomer. PP homopolymer is a product that has high stiffness, good clarity, low density, good chemical resistance, and relatively high temperature resistance but has poor impact resistance, especially at low temperatures. PP random copolymers have higher impact resistance, higher clarity, and more flexibility than homopolymers. Impact copolymers have better impact strength at lower temperatures, as well as higher melting points, than random copolymers. In order to produce impact copolymers, a second reactor is required in the process. The two processes primarily used to manufacture polypropylene are gas phase and bulk slurry in liquid propylene.

Key Benefits

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

The World Analysis – Polypropylene provides a comprehensive analysis and key insights of critical market developments as they shape the future outlook for the global polypropylene market.

The following reports, data files, analytical tools and visualization modules are available online and can be downloaded from our website:

  • Direct Access to the Subject Matter Experts
  • In-depth exploration of present market strategic insights, recognition of key challenges, and presentation of our experts’ forecasts and analysis
  • Explanatory Notes detailing data sources, methodologies, unit and conversion factors, and World Analysis deliverables.
  • Energy and Economy assumptions
  • Price, cost and margin base assumptions forecast and sensitivities analysis, including price assessment methodology, including price definitions across all regions.
  • Excel data files with standard supply/demand graphics and price forecasts extended to 2050, trade grids with country and regional trade flows Data appendix (Excel) with supply/demand, capacity and trade tables.
  • An online dashboard visualization of capacity, supply/demand, trade grids, and price, cost and margin forecasts
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via data browser
  • Data Appendix (Excel) with supply/demand and capacity tables
  • Capacity by company/shareholder, capacity integration, top producer/consumer and surplus/deficit capacity ranking, and ownership/subsidiary information

This World Analysis contains detailed information on capacities, production, demand, and trade for all significant producing and consuming countries and regions. Although data gathering is essential for understanding history and potential future trends, we believe that the interpretation and analysis of the data is the most valuable information to our clients.

Service Features

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050
Area Coverage: By country/region; include “hypothetical” capacity changes in the forecast period
Chemical Coverage: Polypropylene


Frequency: Updated daily
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050

  • Nameplate capacity on individual plant location by producer and by the shareholder for main study products + essential derivatives
  • Integration table and top producer and consumer ranking tables (includes net surplus/deficit)
Chemical Coverage: Polypropylene


Frequency: Quarterly
Format: Excel
Timeframe: up to 2050
Area Coverage: Forecasts for US, Europe & Asia w/ qualitative sensitivities
Chemical Coverage:Polypropylene


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 1 year of history, up to 10 years of forecast
Area Coverage: Between partner countries and by region
Chemical Coverage: Polypropylene


Frequency: Annual
Format: PDF/HTML
Timeframe: 5-year history, forecast to 2050
Coverage: Regional market summaries

  • Production economics/snapshots for selected regions/processes
  • Production process/technology overview
Chemical Coverage: Polypropylene


  • Access to our global team of subject matter experts
  • Interactive data visualization module (dashboard)
  • Standard supply/demand graphs
  • Data appendix with supply/demand and capacity tables
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via data browser

Annual Table of Contents

  • Introduction 4
  • Executive overview 5
  • Strategic Insights 8
  • Strategic Insight Summary 8
  • Economic Forecast Update 8
  • Weaker economic conditions reinforce impact of global capacity wave 9
  • Mainland China’s significance as global demand driver will lessen over the longer term; in the short term, e-commerce and government infrastructure spending will support PP demand 11
  • Loss of European cost competitiveness 12
  • International sanctions on Russia are redirecting trade flows; longer term, capacity additions and demand growth will determine trade volumes and flows 14
  • Sustainability and recycling initiatives are regaining widespread support 15
  • North America 18
  • South America 21
  • West Europe 24
  • Central Europe 28
  • CIS & Baltic States 31
  • Africa 34
  • Middle East 37
  • Indian Subcontinent 41
  • Mainland China 44
  • Other Northeast Asia 49
  • Southeast Asia 53
  • Production Process Overview 56
  • Introduction 56
  • Production Process Economics 59
  • Explanatory Notes 59
  • Process Cash Cost Summary 60
  • Polypropylene Impact Copolymer 61
  • Price Forecast 66
  • Methodology 66
  • North America 67
  • West Europe 69
  • Asia 70
  • Price Forecast Tables 72
  • Supply/Demand Forecast Methodology 74

Market Coverage


Film & Sheet

Injection Molding


Alan Wei

Alan Wei Executive Director, China Polyolefins Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Alan Wei is the Executive Director for China Polyolefins at Chemical Market Analytics. Alan is a result-oriented professional with more than 16 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, Technology, and Product Development, and, finally, assuming the role of analyzing and researching the fundamentals of Supply and Demand for the China Polyolefins market. Proven track record as a versatile Senior manager with demonstrated ability to drive the achievement of results in challenging market environments. In China, he works closely with key partners across the value chain of the petrochemical industry, keeping track of industry evolution and offering insightful studies. His current focus includes overseeing the ‘China Polyolefins Mandarin Report’ and the newly initiated ‘China Polyolefins English bi-weekly Report’ to serve English-speaking audiences globally. Strength in connecting with customers & relationship management with key decision makers, grasping end-use demand commercially and technically. He worked for several top global suppliers and distributors previously. Mr. Wei has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering from East China University of Science and Technology.
Fabrizio Galiè

Fabrizio Galiè Associate Director, Polypropylene EMEA Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Fabrizio Galiè is the Associate Director for the Polypropylene business for Europe, the Middle East, and African regions at Chemical Market Analytics. Fabrizio joined Chemical Market Analytics in 2021. Fabrizio has 20 years of experience providing market insights to clients in the petrochemical and plastics sectors. Within the EMEA regions, he works with key industry contacts in the polyolefins business and across the supply chain. His current focus includes primary inputs to key reports such as ‘Global Plastics and Polymers’ and ‘European Plastics and Polymers’, among others, and his contribution to the World Polypropylene analysis. Since 2005, Fabrizio covered various roles in the polymer business, delivering analytics and consulting services, including price and market outlooks, competitive assessment and investment evaluations, market segmentation, trade analysis, scenario planning, and others. He has been a frequent and popular speaker at conferences and seminars on olefins and polyolefins in Europe, Africa, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. He contributed several articles, interviews and editorials to international magazines sectorial and economic journals. Mr. Galiè has a Master's in Economics and Business Administration from Bologna University, Italy.
Joel Morales

Joel Morales Vice President, Polyolefins Americas Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Joel Morales is the Vice President of Polyolefins Americas at Chemical Market Analytics. Joel joined the company in March 2013 to cover Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) in North America. He began his career in 1999 with polyolefins manufacturer Solvay Polymers, which later became Ineos, in technical services and product development before he moved into field sales. After five years at Solvay Polymers, Joel moved into resin distribution sales for both Muehlstein and then United Polychem as a Product Manager, where he managed and sold polyethylene and polypropylene resins into various customer segments. In his most recent role before joining Chemical Market Analytics (CMA), Joel was a purchasing manager for Silgan Plastics, a major blow-molding and injection molding plastics converter. He has brought a wealth of industry knowledge to Chemical Market Analytics through multiple stints along the plastics value chain. Joel works closely within the Americas with resin producers, converters, and third parties covering the polyolefin markets. Joel speaks regularly around the world as a polyolefin market expert. He is the service leader of three market advisory subscription services: The Global Plastics and Polymers Report, the North American PE Report and the North American PP Report. Joel graduated from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a minor in psychology. — —  
JP Nah

JP Nah Director, Asia Polyolefins Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

JP Nah is the Director of Asia Polyolefins at Chemical Market Analytics. JP Nah brings over two decades of unparalleled expertise in the polyolefins industry to Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones company, where he serves as the Director of Polyolefins – Asia at the Singapore office. With a robust background spanning various facets of polyolefins, JP Nah offers invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics of the Asian market. In his role, JP Nah covers the oversight of the Plastics and Polymers Market Report for both the Global and Asian markets, focusing on Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) in the Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia regions (excluding mainland China). His contributions enrich Chemical Market Analytics’s advisory publications while supporting diverse business advisory initiatives across Asia. Before his tenure at Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, JP Nah held pivotal positions in several prominent plastic-related enterprises in Southeast Asia. As Deputy General Manager at Idemitsu Chemical Southeast Asia since 1993, he steered business operations for Polyolefin and Polystyrene across the Asia region. His responsibilities included consistently orchestrating sales strategies to meet and surpass annual targets, pioneering new product development initiatives, and furnishing critical marketing intelligence. JP Nah's academic credentials include a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies from The University of Hull (1995) and a Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (majoring in Polymer) from Singapore Polytechnic (1981). His educational foundation and extensive professional experience underscore his prowess as a leading authority in the polyolefins domain.
Leonardo Mancilla

Leonardo Mancilla Executive Director, Polyolefins Americas Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Leonardo Mancilla is an Executive Director of Polyolefins Americas with the Polyolefins group at Chemical Market Analytics. Leonardo Mancilla is a member of the Americas Polyolefins Team and the executive director for polyolefins in North and South America. He has been involved with Chemical Market Analytics for the last ten years and has conducted petrochemical market research in Latin America since 2011. He supports the team with his extensive petrochemical industry background and thorough understanding of all the phases of plastics production, from oil and gas to finished resins. He also provides expertise on supply chain, logistics, and supply chain issues. In his current role, Leonardo is responsible for the daily follow-up of the polyethylene and polypropylene markets in the Western Hemisphere. He contributes insights and analysis to all Global Plastics and Polymers Report issues. He is also primarily responsible for the regular updates of Latin American balances published in the World Analysis. In addition, Leonardo stays connected with our clients through regular talks and market updates on the North and Latin American polyolefins markets. Before starting to work in market research and consulting, Leonardo worked for petrochemical producers like the state petrochemical company Pequiven in Venezuela and The Dow Chemical Company. He brings his team fundamental experience in manufacturing, supply chain management, and business planning. He also has experience in maritime logistics and shipping as an Operations Manager for companies managing isotank fleets like ITT (Intermodal Tank Transport) and Flexitank. Leonardo holds a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University in Kingsville, TX.
Nick Vafiadis

Nick Vafiadis Vice President, Global Plastics & Polymers Team Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Nick Vafiadis is the Vice President of the Plastics & Polymers business at Chemical Market Analytics. 34 years, including critical roles in sales, sales management, product management, and business line management in the plastics, surfactants, and consulting industries. Nick is a 30+ year chemical and plastics industry veteran and manages Chemical Market Analytics' global plastics practice. Nick’s daily responsibilities include analysis, consulting, and reporting on the global polyolefins market and managing global operations associated with producing and developing various plastics reports. Concurrently, he contributes to single-client projects and studies related to the polyolefins industry. In his earlier assignments, he was responsible for consulting duties associated with the Chlor-alkali and vinyl product chain. He has contributed to the Monomers Market Report, the Chlor-Alkali Market Report, and the Global Plastics & Polymers Market Report. He has been with Chemical Market Analytics and its predecessor companies since 2002. Before 2002, he spent twelve years with Vista Chemical Company, where he held assignments in marketing, product management, and sales management in the vinyl and surfactant business areas. Mr. Vafiadis holds a Management BBA from The University of Texas at Austin, United States.
Utpal Sheth

Utpal Sheth Vice President, APAC Plastics & Polymers Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Utpal Sheth is the Vice President of APAC Plastics & Polymers at Chemical Market Analytics Utpal joined the Dubai office of CMAI (now Chemical Market Analytics) in October 2007 to cover the plastics (PE, PP, PVC) market in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent. He moved to Singapore in 2014 and is currently the service leader of three market advisory subscription services: The Global Plastics and Polymers Report – Asia, Middle East and India, the Asia PE Report, and the Asia PP Report. He has brought a wealth of industry knowledge to Chemical Market Analytics through multiple stints along the plastics value chain. He supports the Circular Plastics Service of Chemical Market Analytics, which provides deep insights into the rapidly evolving sustainability issues in the Plastics Business. He also contributes to Consulting Studies and Long-Term Supply, Demand & Price Outlook for the Asian markets. Utpal began his career at Reliance Industries in India’s Sales and Marketing Division. He started as a field sales executive and was the Regional Head of Polyethylene Business when he left after 12 years. Subsequently, he moved to Dubai to lead the region's Polyethylene Sales Team of Qatar Petrochemicals. Utpal graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (specialization in Plastics) and a Master of Business Administration (specialization in Marketing).

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