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Market Overview

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

Pyrolysis gasoline, often referred to as pygas, is produced as a co-product of ethylene plants (or olefins plants, as they are commonly called) which often form the centerpiece of an entire petrochemical complex. Pygas is produced in steam crackers, with small variations in technology showing the maturity of the processes. All plant designs incorporate a great number of unit operations including thermal reactions (furnaces), catalytic reactions, absorption, compression, refrigeration, and phase separation, which when combined, yield a pygas stream, high purity ethylene stream and various coproducts. Pygas can either be directed into gasoline blending, or to chemicals extraction where the constituent parts – benzene, toluene, and mixed xylenes are extracted and can be used for other downstream chemical derivative production. The dual uses of pygas as an aromatics feedstock versus as a gasoline blending component creates an “energy sector versus chemicals sector” decision point.

Key Benefits

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

The Pyrolysis gasoline World Analysis – data-only, provides a comprehensive analysis and key insights into critical market developments as they shape the future outlook for the global Pyrolysis gasoline market.

  • Report outlining key strategic insights and the future shape of global and regional markets
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via online Data Browser
  • Capacity by company/shareholder, capacity integration, top producer/consumer and surplus/deficit capacity ranking (updated continuously)
  • Data Appendix (Excel) with supply/demand and capacity tables; and a new dashboard with standard graphs for all countries and regions
  • Excel data files with standard supply/demand graphics and price forecasts extended to 2050; trade grids with country/territory and region trade flows with 5-year and 10th year forecast
  • Online dashboard providing visualization of capacity, capacity integration, supply/demand, trade grids, and price, cost and margin forecasts
  • Explanatory Notes detailing data sources, methodologies, unit and conversion factors, and World Analysis deliverables
  • Energy and Economy assumptions
  • Price assessment methodology

This World Analysis contains detailed information on capacities, production, demand, and trade for all significant producing and consuming countries and regions. Although data gathering is essential for understanding history and potential future trends, we believe that the interpretation and analysis of the data is the most valuable information to our clients.

Service Features

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050
Area Coverage: By country/region; include “hypothetical” capacity changes in the forecast period
Chemical Coverage: Nitrile Latex


Frequency: Updated daily
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050

  • Nameplate capacity on individual plant location by producer and by the shareholder for main study products + essential derivatives
  • Integration table and top producer and consumer ranking tables (includes net surplus/deficit)
Chemical Coverage: Nitrile Latex


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 1 year of history, up to 10 years of forecast
Area Coverage: Between partner countries and by region
Chemical Coverage: Nitrile Latex


  • Access to our global team of subject matter experts
  • Interactive data visualization module (dashboard)
  • Standard supply/demand graphs
  • Data appendix with supply/demand and capacity tables
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via data browser

Annual Table of Contents

James Nicholson

James Nicholson Executive Director, America Benzene, Pyrolysis Gasoline (Pygas) and Reformate Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

James Nicholson is the Executive Director for America Benzene, Pyrolysis Gasoline (Pygas) and Reformate at Chemical Market Analytics. James joined the company three years ago and has provided insight into the world of olefins and aromatics, given his broad background and extensive international experience in the petrochemicals sector. His current area of focus and attention is benzene, but he also provides market coverage and analysis for pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) and reformate. He is a resource for the toluene and mixed xylenes markets as well. Responsibilities include the production of both the short and long-term price forecasts and short and long-term supply and demand balances for benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes (BTX) and pygas in the Americas region. James and the aromatics team also provide the primary input for the World Analyses reports for BTX and pygas. James’ prior industry experience includes nearly 30 years of process engineering, manufacturing and production engineering, olefins optimization and operations planning, including feedstock selection and feedstock breakeven analyses, financial analysis, NGL feedstock trading and procurement, and business management. He served as both a Marketing Manager for benzene and styrene and Business Director for Aromatics and Oxygenated Fuels for eight years, where he was responsible for purchasing 1 million tons per year of benzene and selling 1.3 million tons per year of styrene. Mr. Nicholson has both a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University at College Station, Texas and a Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi, Texas.

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