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Navigate NGL & Naphtha Markets with Unmatched Insights

Gain unrivaled market intelligence with the new Naphtha & NGL Service. This groundbreaking report consolidates all the essential feedstock analysis you need, crafted by Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS in partnership with Rystad Energy. Our tailored service seamlessly integrates with our new Energy Macro Service, offering an unrivaled view from upstream oil and refining to LPG trading and downstream chemicals. Stay ahead of the curve with weekly updates and delve deeper with monthly deep dives for a comprehensive understanding, ensuring you’re always informed.

A Holistic View of Market Forces

Gone are the days of fragmented data and siloed insights. Our service delivers a unified, integrated perspective, streamlining all the factors shaping NGL and naphtha markets.

You’ll benefit from:
  • Weekly Market Updates: Stay informed with curated headlines, outage reports, key economic indicators, and forecasts for propane, butanes, and ethane, empowering timely action.
  • Monthly Deep Dives: Gain a deeper understanding with full fundamental assessments, regional inventory analyses, and strategic market evaluations for all components, equipping you for long-term success.
  • Global Market Intelligence: Track global trade dynamics, visualize trade flow maps, and assess arbitrage opportunities for confident trading decisions across regions.
  • Exclusive Downstream Demand Insights: Align your feedstock strategy with exclusive market projections curated by the trusted downstream experts in the Chemical Market Analytics team.

Precise Forecasts & Strategic Feedstock Intelligence

Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS and Rystad Energy data power a uniquely robust forecasting methodology, swiftly adapting to short-term dynamics and enabling precise predictions underpinned by the LPG industry’s Mont Belvieu benchmark.

From refining to LPG distribution to downstream markets, we tailor insights to your specific needs, empowering you to:

  • Optimize Supply Chains: Leverage accurate forecasts, transparent price analysis, and regional supply dynamics insights to procure strategically and efficiently.
  • Fuel Profitable Trading: Make informed buying and selling decisions with market data, arbitrage opportunities, and crack analysis for both natural gasoline and naphtha.
  • Navigate Market Shifts: Gain a forward-looking perspective on market trends with proprietary forecasting models and expert analysis. Stay ahead of the curve and proactively adapt to changing market conditions.

NGL & Naphtha Intelligence: Your Weekly & Monthly Advantage

Weekly Market Pulse:

  • Stay Informed: Curated OPIS headlines keep you ahead of the curve, while timely PDH and cracker outage reports minimize operational disruptions.
  • Uncover Price Drivers: Interactive economic indicators, price driver charts, and forecast changes reveal the forces shaping propane, butanes, and ethane movements.
  • Optimize Procurement & Trading: Futures and forecast analysis empower confident buying and selling decisions, capitalizing on market fluctuations.
  • Monitor Supply & Trade: Track inventory and export data for propane, butanes, and ethane through insightful charts, optimizing logistics and regional opportunities.
  • Master Ethane Trade: Dedicated export economics charts, cracker outage reports, and price driver analysis enable informed ethane trading strategies and maximum margins.
  • Unlock NGL & Naphtha Potential: Analyze trade flows, arbitrage potential, and crack spreads for profitable trading across the value chain.

Monthly Deep Dives

  • Full Fundamental Assessments: Gain a comprehensive understanding of propane, butanes, ethane, and naphtha, driving strategic procurement and trading decisions.
  • Regional Inventory Analysis & Forecasts: Foresee the future with in-depth analyses of supply dynamics and Asian demand trends for each component.
  • US & MDE Supply Landscape: Gain granular insights into US and MDE supply chain dynamics, informing strategic sourcing and transportation decisions.
  • Robust Price Forecasting: Confidently navigate future market movements and price negotiations with advanced analysis, including butane integration.
  • Chart Your Course: Identify key month-over-month changes (demand drivers, outages) and their underlying drivers, enabling proactive risk mitigation and profit maximization.
  • Harness Global Trade: Analyze aggregated global trade data and detailed trade flow maps by component, uncovering global arbitrage opportunities and optimizing logistics.
  • Global Supply & Demand View: Gain a comprehensive understanding with regional breakdowns focusing on North America, the Middle East, and Asia, ensuring strategic market positioning.
  • Price Transparency: Stay informed with comprehensive global prices and differentials for each feedstock, securing optimal margins in every transaction.
  • Uncover BioPropane/BioLPG Potential: Gain access to dedicated analysis and forecasts for this emerging market, shaping your future feedstock mix.

Insights That Drive All of Our Downstream Chemical Views

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Gain the edge in NGL & Naphtha markets with:

  • Actionable market intelligence: Make informed decisions, optimize operations, and maximize profitability.
  • Unparalleled data depth: Uncover critical insights hidden within complex market dynamics.
  • Foresight and agility: Navigate volatility with confidence and capitalize on fleeting opportunities.
  • Competitive advantage: Position yourself as a market leader with superior market knowledge.

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