World Analysis – Nylon Engineering Resin

  • Market Overview
  • Key Benefits
  • Service Features
  • Annual Table of Contents

Market Overview

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

Nylon 6 resin is commercially produced from caprolactam. Nylon 6 has more toughness, a better appearance, and typically costs less than nylon 6,6. Nylon 6 demand continues to be driven by automotive and film & coating applications. Nylon resins continue to be a lucrative market, as nylon 6 is required in several products where tensile strength, elasticity, luster, and resistance from abrasion is needed. Film & coating is primarily used in packaging applications like poultry and cheese protein packaging. Demand growth for nylon 6 engineering resin content is rising in automobiles through more rapid substitution of metal with nylon 6 engineering resin in load-bearing components as automakers attempt to reduce weight and improve fuel economy.

Nylon 6,6 resin is manufactured from reacting two monomers, hexamethylenediamine (HMDA) and adipic acid. Adiponitrile (ADN) is a precursor to HMDA, which is itself a precursor to nylon 6,6 production. Hence, ADN is the key material for producing nylon 6,6. The main reason to use nylon 6,6 over nylon 6 is better resistance to heat and glycol-based fluids. For nylon 6,6 the largest application segment is automotive, which constitutes over half of the total demand, followed by electrical and appliances. Glass fiber reinforcement, special additives, and compounding technologies have been developed to enhance the performance characteristics of nylon 6,6.

Key Benefits

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050

The World Analysis – Nylon Engineering Resins provides a comprehensive analysis and key insights of critical market developments as they shape the future outlook for the global nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 markets.

The following reports, data files, analytical tools and visualization modules are available online and can be downloaded from our website:

  • Direct Access to the Subject Matter Experts
  • In-depth exploration of present market strategic insights, recognition of key challenges, and presentation of our experts’ forecasts and analysis
  • Explanatory Notes detailing data sources, methodologies, unit and conversion factors, and World Analysis deliverables.
  • Energy and Economy assumptions
  • Price, cost and margin base assumptions forecast and sensitivities analysis, including price assessment methodology, including price definitions across all regions.
  • Excel data files with standard supply/demand graphics and price forecasts extended to 2050, trade grids with country and regional trade flows Data appendix (Excel) with supply/demand, capacity and trade tables.
  • An online dashboard visualization of capacity, supply/demand, trade grids, and price, cost and margin forecasts
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via data browser
  • Data Appendix (Excel) with supply/demand and capacity tables
  • Capacity by company/shareholder, capacity integration, top producer/consumer and surplus/deficit capacity ranking, and ownership/subsidiary information

This World Analysis contains detailed information on capacities, production, demand, and trade for all significant producing and consuming countries and regions. Although data gathering is essential for understanding history and potential future trends, we believe that the interpretation and analysis of the data is the most valuable information to our clients.

Service Features

Duration: Long-term outlook to 2050


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050
Area Coverage: By country/region; include “hypothetical” capacity changes in the forecast period
Chemical Coverage: Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 Engineering Resin


Frequency: Updated daily
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 10-year forecasts available from periods 1990 – 2050

  • Nameplate capacity on individual plant location by producer and by the shareholder for main study products + essential derivatives
  • Integration table and top producer and consumer ranking tables (includes net surplus/deficit)
Chemical Coverage: Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 Chip/Resin


Frequency: Quarterly
Format: Excel
Timeframe: up to 2050
Area Coverage: For the key regions of North America (US), Europe & Asia
Chemical Coverage: Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 Chip/Resin


Frequency: Bi-annual
Format: Excel
Timeframe: 1 year of history, up to 10 years of forecast
Area Coverage: Between partner countries and by region
Chemical Coverage: Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 Chip/Resin


Frequency: Annual
Format: PDF/HTML
Timeframe: 5-year history, forecast to 2050
Coverage: Regional market summaries

  • Production economics/snapshots for selected regions/processes
  • Production process/technology overview
Chemical Coverage: Polypropylene


  • Access to our global team of subject matter experts
  • Interactive data visualization module (dashboard)
  • Standard supply/demand graphs
  • Data appendix with supply/demand and capacity tables
  • Supply/demand and capacity database access via data browser

Annual Table of Contents

  • Introduction 4
  • Executive overview - nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 5
  • Strategic Insights 10
  • Adiponitrile technology breakthrough 10
  • Automotive transition from ICE to EV 10
  • Capacity in mainland China 11
  • Nylon resin material competitiveness 11
  • Recycling 12
  • Effects of Chinese anti-dumping duties 12
  • Production Process Overview 14
  • Introduction 14
  • Nylon 6 14
  • Introduction 14
  • Water - Catalyzed Melt Polymerization 15
  • Introduction 15
  • Polymerization Mechanism 15
  • Final Chip Production Steps 15
  • Nylon 6,6 16
  • Nylon Compounding 17
  • Production Process Economics 18
  • Explanatory Notes 18
  • Production Process Economics 19
  • Price Forecast 25
  • Methodology 25
  • Nylon 6 25
  • Introduction 25
  • North America 26
  • Europe 26
  • Northeast Asia 27
  • Nylon 6,6 27
  • North America 27
  • Europe 27
  • Northeast Asia 28
  • Price Forecast Tables 30
  • Supply/Demand Forecast Methodology 32

Market Coverage





Brendan Dooley

Brendan Dooley Executive Director, Global Engineering Plastics Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Brendan Dooley is the Executive Director of the Engineering Plastics service at Chemical Market Analytics. Brendan serves as the Global Executive Director of Engineering Plastics and leads the publication of the monthly Global Engineering Resins Report and the annual World Analysis reports covering polycarbonate, ABS, nylon 6, nylon 66, PBT and POM. He speaks about the costs, prices, capacities, and trade of engineering polymers and contributes to single- and multi-client consulting projects on engineering polymers. Brendan is a chemical engineer and MBA with 30 years of experience in the engineering plastics industry as a North American Sales Director, Managing Director in the United Kingdom, Business Manager in Mexico, Global Automotive Account Director, North American and Europe Product Manager and many other commercial and business management roles across North America and Europe with leading global engineering plastics producers before joining the company in 2015.
Preeti Sriram

Preeti Sriram Director, North America (Crystalline Plastics – POM/PBT/Nylons) Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Preeti Sriram is the Director of Crystalline Plastics in North America with the Engineering Resins group at Chemical Market Analytics. Preeti has been with Chemical Market Analytics (previously IHS Markit) for over ten years. Preeti specializes in PBT, Nylon 6, Nylon 66 and POM polymers. She is responsible for producing market analysis of the supply, demand, costs, prices, capacity, operating rates, imports and exports in the North American marketplace within the Chemical Market Analytics Plastics organization. Preeti works with many teams across the globe. Through her work experience spanning over 17 years, Preeti has contributed to and/or authored single-client and multi-client studies on various petrochemicals. She has been a speaker at the Global Plastics Summit. Preeti, a chemical engineer with an MBA, has been involved in several Chemical Market Analytics (previously IHSM) publications, including the Chemical Economics Handbook, World Analyses reports and Focus pieces.
Stefano Caporusso

Stefano Caporusso Director EMEA, Engineering Plastics

Stefano Caporusso is the Director for EMEA Engineering Plastics at Chemical Market Analytics. Stefano Caporusso is Director of EMEA Engineering Plastics for Chemical Market Analytics, based in Zurich. Stefano is responsible for providing market analysis and expert insight into costs, prices, capacities, technology, trade, supply/demand and long-term trends to our clients, including authoring of reports. His direct focus covers ABS, polycarbonate (PC) and nylons (PA6, PA66), polybutylene terephtalate (PBT), and polyacetal (POM). Stefano is a Chemical Engineer from the Polytechnic of Milan with 30 years of experience in the chemical and plastics industry. His international experience spans from technical to commercial positions in plastics and synthetic rubber businesses, and he has functional expertise as a global market intelligence leader in prominent global organizations in the chemical and plastic industries. Since January 2022, he has been part of OPIS Chemical Market Analytics, Engineering Plastics division.

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