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Chemical Market Analytics is now offering the China Polyolefins Market Advisory Service to help clients navigate the ever-shifting China polyolefins market. Our report is based on price and margin, supply-and-demand figures, downstream segment focus, macro-economics and current
events effect to ground our analyses with quantitative and qualitative methodologies. 

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China Polyolefins Strategic Insights

China economic growth

The rate of China’s economic growth declined in 2022, with deteriorating macro conditions and a weak demand domestically.
Although crude oil, natural gas and other feedstocks continue to be priced higher than historical averages due to geopolitical influences, the price of polyolefins in China has moved significantly downward compared to last year (in stark contrast to global market) due to China’s economic and polyolefins expansion cycles. China’s dynamics is attracting more and more market attention worldwide.

Variable feedstocks

The variable feedstocks of polyolefins in China (crude oil, naphtha, coal, methanol, propane, propylene, etc.) and complex market factors make it difficult to analyze the supply-and-demand of polyolefins and forecast a price. Compounding all of this is a quickly changing landscape in the China market.

Robust recovery

The robust recovery in demand for 2020 and the price surge in 2021 due to the stringent control of energy consumption are key moments that are still fresh in the minds. Contextualizing key moments in current affairs and the overall economic environment plays a significant role in the analysis of the polyolefins market today.

The leading research and forecasts
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  • Macroeconomic environment
  • Feedstocks
  • Pricing and margin
  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Inventory
  • Market forecast


  • Bi-weekly report
  • Focus and supplements

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