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2024 Polyolefins Outlook

2023 – a Year of Unprecedented Low Margins 2023 was a challenging year for both producers and converters in Asia. Most of the producers in Asia utilize naphtha as a feedstock, and the cost of production was high as naphtha prices remained high. However, polyolefin prices were depressed because of an oversupply situation plaguing the industry...




PBT Supply Remains Strong, With Hope for Demand Growth

The PBT supply has been improving during slow demand growth in the past two years in the United States and global markets. Volatility from the feedstocks has lessened, although capacity additions in Northeast Asia continues. Supply and demand balance is nearing as automotive and other demand segments display improvements this year. Capacity i...



PEPP 2024

17 – 18 June 2024 · Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The global PE and PP industry is facing disruptive realities. Unprecedented overcapacity amid slowing demand growth will continue to depress operating rates and compress profitability through the value chain. European players face withering cost pressure due to the Russian gas supply ban and additional challenges from circularity, and energy transition that require a long-term strategic reset.

At the premiere PEPP conference, we will Navigating Through Disruption, Transition and Transformation and share views of subject matter experts and industry thought leaders on cyclical & structural factors and different scenario outcomes.



9-11 September 2024 · Houston, Texas

Preparing for Tomorrow’s World: Ideation to Implementation

In a world where disruptive forces are the new norm, World Chemical Forum will be your compass. Experts from across the globe will converge in Houston from Sept. 9-11 to share actionable knowledge and strategies. Together, we’ll navigate through the complexities of social, geopolitical, and technological shifts steering towards a low-carbon future.


Market Advisory Service

Short-term Outlook - In-depth price exploration and projections, operational timelines, turnaround details, critical trade flow analysis, quarterly assessments of supply and demand dynamics, along with the latest analytical insights.

World Analysis

Long-term outlook - Comprehensive analysis and foresight into the long-term market landscape, encompassing capacity, supply/demand dynamics, trade patterns, price projections, and production economics for more than 150 commodity chemicals across 35 distinct services.

Circular Plastics Service

A comprehensive evaluation, based on different scenarios, of the anticipated transition of the plastics value chain from a linear to a circular economy. This service delves into the consequences of carbon intensity and its influence on upcoming capital investments in the midst of shifting energy transition, carbon valuation, and evolving policies and regulations.

Energy and Feedstocks

The most integrated, tailored and relevant strategic energy market outlooks that matter to the chemical industry. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how shifts in the Energy sector would impact the chemical market. Our analyses encompass crucial markets such as oil, natural gas, and gasoline, which have a significant influence on downstream chemical industries.


Our consulting team outperforms the commodity chemicals market by leveraging the combined knowledge of over 200 specialized chemical experts. They collectively address a wide range of 200 core building block chemical products. With internal proficiency across the entire chemical value chain and insights from our esteemed energy and economics partners, Rystad Energy and Oxford Economics, our team is exceptionally equipped to tailor projects to meet the specific needs of each customer.


Gain insights into how your production costs align with competitors both currently and in the future, aiding your strategic planning and investment decision-making. Utilize our Cost Curves to analyze the dynamics of chemical price determination, identify units that are likely to remain profitable or face challenges, review cost and margin estimates for competing assets based on location and technology, and enhance your understanding of the cost structure of raw material suppliers for informed contract negotiations.

Who We Help

We collaborate with entities of various sizes and structures.

The individuals we partner with may include analysts, strategic planners, business managers, procurement professionals, chemical producers, chemical distributors, or traders—essentially, individuals at different stages of company’s growth and investment.
Your requirements differ, and so do your budgets. Some may require comprehensive support for all their data and technology needs, while others may have more specific, niche requirements. Our clientele spans across diverse sectors, accommodating a wide range of needs and preferences.

Strategic Planner

  • Deliver a credible business strategy
  • Validate investment plans
  • Identify market opportunities and risks
  • Access the competitive landscape
  • Business planning and investment evaluation
  • Make capital decisions and develop growth plans using forecasted price, supply, and demand evolution

Business Manager

  • Build value-based commercial strategies
  • Develop realistic targets and budgets
  • Identify growth opportunities


  • Cost efficiency in sourcing chemical raw materials
  • Negotiate effective supply contracts
  • Optimize supplier portfolios
  • Make informed buying decisions
  • Optimize inventory management
  • Optimize transaction decisions with weekly real time prices and monthly forecasts


  • Operate facilities for maximum value
  • Closely monitor market dynamics across the chemical space in this intertwined industry
  • Plan for new investments or expansions with confidence guided by data and insight
  • Get a strategic industry outlook covering all major forecast trends and potential impact
  • Understand feedstock price movements and long-term market trends
  • Track short-term changes in price, cost and margin across the chemical chain


  • Settle contract prices with knowledge of historical and forecast price movements
  • Validate prices with our unbiased end of month price reporting
  • Track price movements and trade flows to spot arbitrage opportunities
  • Utilize comprehensive country by country trade flow movements


  • Execute M&A transactions with credible data
  • Understand industry cost drivers and producer competitiveness
  • Evaluate the success of projects and business units
  • Provide accurate and confident evaluations of investment feasibility
  • Understand the best method to deploy capital
  • Analyze a company’s fiscal performance
  • Assess margin forecasts vs historical performance

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