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Unlock the future of the chemicals market with our immersive and interactive video experience featuring Chuck Carr, our Vice President of Strategic Insights. Join us as we explore the key themes that are revolutionizing the industry, raising vital questions and shedding light on the path ahead.


Embark on this interactive journey and delve deeper into the areas that pique your curiosity. Uncover the insights that will shape your understanding of the chemicals market and equip you with the knowledge to navigate its future with confidence.



Plastics Circularity
Explore the global drive to solve the
single-use plastics waste problem and
its impact on plastics producers,
consumer brands, upstream chemicals,
feedstocks, and other materials.

Uncover how environmental, social,
and governance (ESG) factors and
government regulations shape
investment decisions in the
chemical industry, identifying
risks and growth opportunities.

Energy Transition
Gain insights into the challenges
and opportunities emerging from
the transition to a lower carbon
environment, including mobility
changes and the pressure to reduce
CO2 emissions. Discover the effects
on feedstock supply amid growing
petrochemical demand.

Production Scale
Witness the dramatic scale increase
in crude oil-to-chemicals (COTC)
sites are driven by the energy
transition. Understand how this
transformation impacts different
chemical sectors, leading to higher
production of olefins and aromatics
from a barrel of oil.

Discover cutting-edge technologies
driving circularity, sustainability,
and the energy transition in the
chemicals market. Explore the
innovative solutions that will
shape the industry’s future.

Supply Security
Explore how recent disruptions, such
as Covid-19, Winter Storm Uri, and the
Russia-Ukraine conflict has prompted
producers and converters to reevaluate
their strategies and investments.
Understand the importance of resilient
supply chains in ensuring adaptability
and security.

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