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Rystad Energy is an independent research consultancy focusing on energy business intelligence and data. The partnership was founded in 2004 focusing on upstream well data and custom solutions to integrate the data into clients’ workflows. The company employs 500 people worldwide and have further developed to include oil, gas, and energy transition data/insight.
After canvasing the landscape of energy insight providers, we found that there were few consultancies that could cover the full breadth of the energy industry. With a heritage of upstream energy insight as well as capabilities further down the energy value chain, Rystad Energy is uniquely positioned to provide a truly integrated view of the energy transition; as such, there is a shared understanding that chemicals will play a pivotal role. This partnership will lead to enhanced insight for both Rystad Energy and Chemical Market Analytics clients.
The company’s philosophy of bottoms-up data & analytics has permeated throughout every step of their product development. As such, their market insights are directly informed by granular details (e.g., flight tracing, traffic monitoring and vessel tracking to build-up refined product demand). Also, the company has a mix of domain experts and data science professionals which enables Rystad Energy to provide the market with unique, data-driven insights. The partnership will provide Chemical Market Analytics clients differentiated yet internally consistent views of the energy industry.
We have developed a transition plan for both Market Advisory Service & World Analysis service. For the Market Advisory Service products, Rystad Energy’s forecasts will be loaded into our databases on April 21st  just in time for the May publications. For the World Analysis services, Rystad Energy’s forecasts will be loaded on May 12th, ahead of our 2Q Long-Term Price Forecast update.
We are not planning to make any changes immediately. We regularly review and enhance the content of all our products and plan to do so as part of the normal course of business. As always, we will notify clients of any upcoming changes well in advance of any changes to services.
This summer, Chemical Market Analytics and Rystad Energy will launch an Energy Macro Service designed to provide Chemical Market Analytics clients enhanced oil and gas market content. In the autumn, Chemical Market Analytics and Rystad Energy will launch a natural gas liquids (NGL) product that will leverage the combined strengths of OPIS, Chemical Market Analytics and Rystad Energy to provide the market greater insight into the NGL and petrochemical feedstock markets than competitive offerings. For more details, contact your Chemical Market Analytics sales professional.