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Market Insights

November 16, 2022 | On-Demand Event

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On November 16, 2022, the Chemical Market Analytics, by OPIS, a Dow Jones, Company hosted the Circular Plastic Industry Update Webinar.  The Chemical Market Analytics experts provided a high-level view of the Circular Plastic Service – a scenario-based evaluation of how the plastics value-chain is expected to transition from a linear to a circular economy. Addressing implications of carbon intensity and the impact on future capital investments within the context of energy transition and carbon valuation, amid changing policy and regulations. An essential solution with insights and analytics to help you reformulate your company strategy.

During the discussion the chemical Market expert discussed the plastics transition to circularity, updates to the various service modules and insights to key disruptive truth.


  • General Circular Plastics Service Update – Discuss Status and Schedule for CPS Module Updates
  • Three (3) Updated Scenarios
  • Regulatory and Stakeholder Policy
  • Global and Regional Demand Assessments for eight (8) polymers
  • Waste Plastics Collection Model
  • Waste Plastics Disposition Model
  • Mechanical & Chemical Recycling Database
  • Technology Scan Update
  • Technology Screening Model
  • Techno-Economics for Virgin & Recycle Technologies
  • Mass Balance
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Feedstock Implications

Anthony Palmer
Vice President, Circular Plastics
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

Robin Waters
Director, Plastics Planning & Analysis
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

Jonny Goyal
Director, Technology and Infrastructure, Circular Plastic Services
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company


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