Shaping the Future: Key Trends and Insights of the Nitrile Latex Market

January 17, 2024 | On-Demand Event

Duration: 35 mins

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The market for nitrile latex (NBL) has become more important in recent years. The pandemic driven need for protective equipment, especially gloves, has taxed the ability of the market to supply. Logistics concerns have prompted countries to reconsider their ability to produce what many have determined to be strategic materials.

Chemical Market Analytics has developed a World Analysis Nitrile Latex to bring clarity to recent trends in this market and the likely path forward.

The following were covered in this session:

  • Outline the recent state of the NBL
  • Present key high level results of the analysis
  • Share the detailed capability of the analysis

Bill Hyde
Executive Director, Olefins & Elastomers
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

Kevin Longworth
Research and Analysis Director – Acrylonitrile
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

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