Nylon Staple Fiber

Nylon Staple Fiber

Nylon fibers were commercialized in the late 1930s. Nylon’s growth has been very moderate in the past two to three decades as technology advances in other competitive fibers, especially polyester fibers and changing consumer preferences are providing good competition to nylon fiber. Nylon fiber markets have become more mature, finite, and limited to fewer applications. However, unlike polyester, where technical and processing advances have increased its use in a broader range of textiles and fabrics, nylon’s usage is being limited to critical and specialty applications where the higher cost of nylon is not a barrier. Apparel that wicks moisture is now driving the sportswear market in favor of polyester. Luxury wall-to-wall carpeting is giving way to hard surface and natural materials flooring. Heavy-service radial tires and light-service “airless” tires are displacing nylon-containing bias tires. All these applications used to be dominated by nylon in the past. Currently, nylon fibers account for less than 5% of the global demand for all fibers, placing well behind other fibers such as polyester, cotton, olefin, and cellulose, but ahead of other synthetic and natural fibers, such as acrylic and linen.


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