Methyl Chloride

Methyl Chloride

Methyl chloride is primarily used for silicone intermediates and as an intermediate in the production of other chloromethanes. Its largest end use is as a reactant with elemental silicon to produce various chlorosilanes, precursors to silicone elastomers, fluids, and resins. Chlorosilanes can be purified at much lower temperatures than would be possible for elemental silicon. The highly purified silanes are then converted further into chlorine-free intermediates or final products, and the chlorine is recycled.

The first commercial application of methyl chloride was as a refrigerant, but it was later replaced by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Methyl chloride is also used in the production of agricultural chemicals, methyl cellulose, quaternary ammonium compounds, butyl rubber, heat stabilizers for PVC pipes, and other industrial chemicals. Methyl chloride is usually shipped in railcars, tank trucks, and isocontainers. Silicone-producing companies can also source hydrochloric acid and methanol to start the chemical synthesis of methyl chloride.


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