Global Acrylonitrile & C4s Forum 2024

14-15 November 2024 | JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

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Confidently Advancing through Uncertainty

The global markets for Acrylonitrile and C4 olefins are surprisingly deeply connected.  Supply for both is heavily dependent on light olefins markets, which they do not influence in a meaningful way.  Several important petrochemical commodities, including ABS, nitrile rubber, and nitrile latex, consume both as feedstock.  Nylon 6,6 is produced from competing butadiene and ACN based technologies.  At Global Acrylonitrile & C4s Forum 2024 (GACF24), we will delve deeply into the market trends driving both supply and demand for these important petrochemical commodities.

Acrylonitrile markets have been under tremendous pressure due to the deep trough in demand that has pervaded all sectors of industry since 2022, while at the same time the explosion of supply in Asia is reshaping global trade flows. This has created a new dynamic that has impacted all regions to the present day, and the aftershocks will be felt for years to come. There has never been a better time to be part of the conversation of what the future for acrylonitrile will bring, and this holds true for every company through the value chain including producers, end-users in all derivative segments, traders, distributors and everyone in between.

Global C4 olefins markets have also experienced unprecedented conditions since the beginning of the COVID era.  Market observers often focus on trends in the butadiene markets and those trends and drivers including global synthetic rubber markets are certainly important. However, the value of the raffinate, previously an afterthought, has become increasingly critical as near-term market dynamics have been surprisingly volatile. This should ease as over capacity along the value chain exerts control.  Longer term, disruption will return driven by numerous factors including:  energy transition, light olefins dynamics, natural rubber trends, butylene markets, sustainability efforts, as well as key butadiene derivative drivers.

Join us in Singapore for the only global conference focusing exclusively on the Butadiene and Acrylonitrile Markets. With both markets facing complex futures, attendance at GACF24 is a must for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of market forces and likely outcomes.

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