WMC 2024 – Workshop: Global Methanol Fundamentals

22-24 October 2024 | Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel
Copenhagen, Denmark

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WMC 2024 – Workshop: Global Methanol Fundamentals

Tuesday, 22 October
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Join us as we “kick off” World Methanol Conference 2024 with an intensive single-day workshop focusing on the fundamental blocks of the global methanol marketplace, taught by recognized experts from Chemical Market Analytics.

Designed for both those new to the industry and those who would like to expand and refresh their knowledge, this will be an interactive and comprehensive journey focusing on topics/concepts that when understood and applied will be key to your continued success in the methanol industry,

Your registration fee for this workshop includes:

  • Interactive and insightful instructor lead training by recognized methanol experts
  • Access to digital PDFs of all workshop content
  • Welcome refreshments, breaks and lunch
  • Networking opportunities with your fellow workshop participants and instructors

Mike Nash, Vice President, Global Syngas Team Lead, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

The perfect start to the workshop and the foundation of the remainder of the day. Module one covers and highlights key topics such as the characteristics of methanol and use cases, the broad spectrum of feedstocks used in methanol’s production, the current and emerging technologies that power methanol manufacturing, and how those technologies are evolving to meet the needs of a future “net zero” world.
In-depth analysis of the role of methanol as a precursor and the chemical synthesis that it’s a part of is the theme of module 2. From MTO and its growing role in producing olefins in the petrochemical industry to formaldehyde and its broad reach and role across such diverse industries as automotive, textiles, glues and resins, this session will provide you with unparalleled market intelligence about the increasing role played by methanol and the spectrum of end use products it supports.
Truly a global commodity, methanol is produced, shipped and used in all four corners of the globe for variety of applications/products ranging from particle board to fuel cells and windshield wiper fluid. Your instructors will help you to “piece the puzzle together” and gain an in-depth understanding of global supply and demand curves and challenges, the needs of different regions of the world and their individual commodities and the underlying structure of the industry – production, storage and shipping.
One of the keys to any market segment (regardless of the industry) is understanding historical and current pricing trends and forecasting to allow for accurate analysis of their impact on your business. This impactful module will draw upon the instructors’ “real world” experience and expert analysis to provide a global view of the past, present and anticipated future methanol pricing and trends and how this knowledge can improve your business operations and reduce volatility.  
Mike Nash, Vice President, Global Syngas Team Lead, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Session Speakers

Andrei Akzhigitov EMEA Methanol Director Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Andrei Akzhigitov is the Director of the Mathanol at Chemical Market Analytics. Andrei Akzhigitov is the EMEA Methanol consultant for Syngas Chemicals at Chemical Market Analytics. His responsibilities include the weekly World Methanol Report and monthly World Methanol Analysis,  focusing on the EMEA region. Before joining Chemical Market Analytics in February 2024, Andrei Akzhigitov worked for over 20 years with well-known companies in the chemical sector, such as Evonik, Brenntag, Metafrax, and Sibur. He has a rich history of working on diverse methanol projects, optimizing supply chains, handling trade, spearheading derivative production, and engaging in R&D. His career has led him to work in cities like Moscow, Hanau, and Amman. Mr. Akzhigitov has a Master’s in Chemistry from Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia and has also completed a marketing program at Mannheim Business School in Germany.

Shreya Kansara Principal Analyst Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Shreya Kansara is a Senior Research Analyst with the Syngas team at Chemical Market Analytics. Ms. Kansara is responsible for maintaining and updating the global data files including the econometric models. She also provides support to the team for various analyses, client queries, presentations, publication of the Weekly and Monthly reports, and the World Analysis. Before taking on her current role in 2018, she worked as a business analyst for the President of a prominent Chemicals company in India. She holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Mumbai, India.

Xiaomeng Ma Director, Asia Methanol Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Xiaomeng Ma is the Director of Asia Methanol at Chemical Market Analytics Xiaomeng is an experienced researcher with a strong track-record working experience in the industrial sectors spanning from petrochemical markets, and specialty chemical industries to energy and fuel industries. Xiaomeng Ma's current focuses are on methanol-related industries. She is skilled in project assessment, building and implementing business strategies, and creating economic models. She has a strong professional background with a Masters in Engineering and a realistic understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the Asia chemical industry.

Mike Nash Vice President, Global Syngas Team Lead | Americas Acetyls Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Mr. Mike Nash is the Vice President for Syngas Chemicals (including the methanol and acetyls practices) at Chemical Market Analytics. He works with a global team of regional consultants and overlays their analyses with a global perspective. His responsibilities include the weekly World Methanol Report and monthly World Methanol Analysis, including the weekly and monthly Global Acetyls Market Reports and the related World Analyses for Methanol, Acetyls, and Formaldehyde. Before joining the IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) in September 2012, Mr. Nash worked for BP's petrochemicals division for 19 years preceding a two-year stint in Total's UK fuels business. He performed various commercial roles within BP, in international business management, marketing, project management, and logistics, based in London, Duesseldorf, and Kuala Lumpur. His last role in the Total UK was the Logistics Director for Specialties. Mr. Nash holds a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature from Edinburgh University, UK, and a Master of Business Administration from Kingston University, UK.

Javier Ortiz Director, North & South America Methanol Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Javier Ortiz is the Director of the North and South American methanol market at Chemical Market Analytics. Javier Ortiz is the North and South American methanol market director at Chemical Market Analytics. As of 2019, Mr. Ortiz leads methanol market coverage in the Americas. He began his consulting career at CMAI (Chemical Market Associates, Inc.), in 2007 as a research analyst for the North and South American synthetic fibers market, primarily focusing on the polyester and nylon supply chains. He was subsequently appointed global leader of CMAI’s senior research analyst group while taking over consulting coverage of the nylon raw materials markets in the Americas. Before joining the IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) Methanol team, Mr. Ortiz formed part of its Plastics group for nearly a decade, where he led coverage of the polyolefins market in Latin American, directed the QuiMax Latin American consulting service, and was also responsible for polystyrene market research in the Americas. He holds a degree in industrial engineering and a minor in business administration from Texas A&M University, US.

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