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Our hospitality suite, The Chancery Hall, at the Pride Plaza Hotel will be open from 18 – 19, May 2023. The experts you know, and trust will be available for one-on-one meetings during the three-day event to discuss the important trends affecting your markets.
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Experts @ APIC

Dewey Johnson

Dewey Johnson Senior Vice President, Global Head of Chemical Market Analytics Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Dewey Johnson is Senior Vice President & Global Lead of Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company (“Chemical Market Analytics”).

IHS Markit Global LLC (“IHS Markit”) was acquired by S&P Global in February 2022. As part of the merger, IHS Markit Base Chemicals was spun off and separately acquired by Dow Jones and renamed “Chemical Market Analytics” in June 2022.
Dewey is responsible for the global business, including insight and research covering the major chemical value chains including Aromatics and Fibers, Olefins and Derivatives, Inorganics (chlor-alkali, vinyls, and soda ash), Plastics and Polymers, and Syngas Chemicals (methanol, acetyls, and ammonia). Dewey is based in Houston.

Prior to Chemical Market Analytics, Dewey joined IHS Markit (through legacy CMAI) in 2009. His experience in the petrochemical industry covers all aspects of the business- financial, commercial, operations, research, strategy design and business planning, business development, as well as consultancy. Prior to IHS Markit, he was with Eastman Chemical Company, where he spent more than 25 years in strategic and commercial roles with various business groups and corporate functions. Dewey held management positions in commercial development, global sourcing, P&L for key businesses, market development, and market & strategic analysis of chemical markets and businesses. Dewey has led multiple complex engagements in strategy development and execution, global sourcing of Aromatics & olefins derivatives and industrial gases, business simulation & game theory and dynamic modeling, sales/ marketing, and business development. Dewey received BS and MS engineering degrees from Tennessee Technological University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He also earned an MBA in General Management. Dewey has been a frequent guest lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, UVA Darden School of Management, and SUNY at Albany School of Public Policy.

Young Guen Lee

Young Guen Lee Principal Analyst, Asia Olefins

Young Geun Lee is a Principal Analyst with the Asia Olefins team at Chemical Market Analytics.

In this role, he covers Asia light olefins with a particular focus on the Southeast Asia market. He is involved in market research for ethylene and propylene, and supply and demand analysis. Prior to joining Chemical Market Analytics (previously IHS Markit) in 2020, Mr. Lee worked as a sales executive at the Japanese trading company, Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan.

Terence Peh

Terence Peh Associate Director, Aromatics and Fibres  Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Terence is an Associate Director in the Aromatics and Fibres department of Chemical Market Analytics

Terence is an Associate Director in the Aromatics and Fibers department of Chemical Market Analytics. He is primarily responsible for the Phenol, Acetone, Bisphenol-A, Orthoxylene and Phthalic Anhydride products in the Asia Pacific region. He has more than a decade of experience in the chemical industry.

Before joining Chemical Market Analytics, he had multiple commercial experiences in ExxonMobil, spanning across sales, marketing, financial planning, business analysis and strategic planning in polyolefins and liquids, with a deep understanding of both internal and external interfaces to provide value-added business solutions for clients in consulting.

Terence holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore.

Utpal Sheth

Utpal Sheth Vice President, APAC Plastics & Polymers Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Utpal Sheth is the Vice President of APAC Plastics & Polymers at Chemical Market Analytics

Utpal joined the Dubai office of CMAI (now Chemical Market Analytics) in October 2007 to cover the plastics (PE, PP, PVC) market in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent. He moved to Singapore in 2014 and is currently the service leader of three market advisory subscription services: The Global Plastics and Polymers Report – Asia, Middle East and India, the Asia PE Report, and the Asia PP Report.

He has brought a wealth of industry knowledge to Chemical Market Analytics through multiple stints along the plastics value chain. He supports the Circular Plastics Service of Chemical Market Analytics, which provides deep insights into the rapidly evolving sustainability issues in the Plastics Business. He also contributes to Consulting Studies and Long-Term Supply, Demand & Price Outlook for the Asian markets.

Utpal began his career at Reliance Industries in India’s Sales and Marketing Division. He started as a field sales executive and was the Regional Head of Polyethylene Business when he left after 12 years. Subsequently, he moved to Dubai to lead the region’s Polyethylene Sales Team of Qatar Petrochemicals.

Utpal graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (specialization in Plastics) and a Master of Business Administration (specialization in Marketing).

Anthony Tso

Anthony Tso Director, Asia Aromatics Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Anthony Tso is the Director for Asia Aromatics at Chemical Market Analytics.

Anthony Tso is the director for aromatics and fibers in Asia at Chemical Market Analytics. During his five years with the company, he has covered a variety of aromatics products and has a strong understanding of how these related markets intertwine. With over 16 years of cumulative experience in the petrochemical industry, Anthony has been providing insights to aid corporations navigate an ever-changing business environment.

Anthony’s current research expertise is in aromatics feedstocks, including reformate and pyrolysis gasoline, and aromatics gasoline blending components like toluene and xylenes. He provides primary input to the ‘Global Aromatics Weekly Report,’ ‘Asia Aromatics Monthly Report,’ World Toluene and Mixed Xylenes analyses and World Pygas analyses. He has also previously built a strong reputation and offered insights into the Asian nylon feedstocks, fibers and resins markets.

Anthony is a veteran in refining and petrochemicals, including olefins, aromatics, and motor gasoline blending. Before joining Chemical Market Analytics, he worked with S&P Global, focusing on supply/ demand modeling, developing blending methodology, and analyzing naphtha and petrochemical feedstock flows. Previously, he worked for almost 10 years with ExxonMobil, taking up multiple roles, including experience in project and process engineering, feedstock planning, product optimization and manufacturing economics for integrated refining and petrochemical plants.

Mr. Tso holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) from the National University of Singapore and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Northumbria University.

Jonny Goyal

Jonny Goyal Executive Director, Circular Plastics & Chemicals Sustainability Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Mr. Goyal is an Executive Director with the Circular Plastic Service team in Chemical Market Analytics.

Mr. Goyal is the Executive Director of Chemical Market Analytics (by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company), where he is responsible for the technology research & analysis for the Circular Plastics business for the Base Chemicals & Plastics group.

In this role, he directs the Research & Insight activities associated with the technical assessment focusing on circularity. He provides customized strategic analysis and techno-commercial assessments for clients in the areas of new and emerging technologies for the chemical process industry. He leads the team in preparing technical models for plastic mechanical and chemical recycling projections, assessing technology scale-up issues, bench-marking including scorecard for licensor comparison, technology scan, and maintaining recyclers database. Special focus involves Techno-economic evaluations of different technologies (pyrolysis, gasification, depolymerization, solvent dissolution, mechanical recycling etc.), Carbon emissions analysis (well-head to pellet, waste plastic to plastics whole value chain), Capital spending, material balance & allocation approach, MRF, and PCR models for price forecasting of recyclates.

Mr. Goyal joined Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS on June 1, 2022, following the acquisition of IHS Markit Base Chemicals, having joined IHS Markit in September 2014 as Principal Research Analyst in the prestigious Process Economic Program (formerly called SRI Consulting). Mr. Goyal has over 19 years of experience in chemical process engineering, research and analysis, EPC process industry, process design and project management.

Mr. Goyal holds a Certificate of Business Excellence from the University of California, Berkeley. He earned his Bachelor of Technology degree in Chemical Engineering from India. He is a lifetime member of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE), Kolkata, India.

Anthony Song

Anthony Song Executive Director, APAC C4 & Elastomers Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Anthony Song is the Executive Director for APAC C4 & Elastomers at Chemical Market Analytics.

Anthony (Young Ho) Song is the executive director for C4 olefins, derivatives, and natural rubber in Asia outside of mainland China at Chemical Market Analytics. He has over 20 years of experience in the petrochemical industry, mainly in the olefins business but also in chlor alkali and aromatics.

Within the Asia region, he works closely with petrochemical, oil and financial industries, bringing support and guidance throughout the petrochemical chain. He is currently the service leader for the Asia C4 weekly report and contributes to the global outlook for C4 and elastomer reports.

Anthony started his career as a petrochemical trader at Hanwha Corporation in Korea. His duties were to trade various gas products, including light and C4 olefins products, in Asia. He has spent about a year in Dubai as a regional expert program by Hanwha Group, researching and developing future strategic programs within the Middle East, from product development to investment portfolio. In 2008, he came to Singapore as a trading team manager at Hanwha International (overseas office in Singapore).

Anthony graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.


Mike Park

Mike Park Director, Asia Olefins and Derivatives Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Mike Park is the Director for Asia light Olefins and propylene derivatives at Chemical Market Analytics. 

Mike Park is a research and analyst director for Asia Light Olefins in the Chemical Market Analytics Singapore office. Mike has contributed various Market Advisory Services and World Analysis of Chemical Market Analytics for hundreds of global clients since 2017.

Mike currently covers the ethylene and propylene market in Asia. Still, his coverage is not limited to the Asia light olefins and includes various propylene downstream products, including acrylic acid, acrylates, SAP, MMA, oxo alcohols, and plasticizers. His distinguished career has spanned more than 17 years in the petrochemical and chemical industries.

Before joining Chemical Market Analytics, Mike worked at LG Chem in South Korea for ten years, responsible for selling and marketing olefins derivative products.


Joyce Jahyung Lee

Joyce Jahyung Lee Associate Director, Acrylates / OXO Alcohols Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Joyce Jahyung Lee is an Associate Director with the Asia Olefin Team at Chemical Market Analytics.

Joyce is based in Singapore. She is responsible for providing various market advisory services and world analysis on propylene derivatives products of Global Acrylates and Oxo services – Acrylic Acid, Acrylate, SAP, Oxo Alcohols and Plasticizers in Asia(ex-China).

Before Chemical Market Analytics in 2021, she worked at Hanwha Solutions, South Korea, for 12 years, covering various roles in commercial, procurement, planning & new business development in petrochemical products, including ethylene and propylene derivatives and chlor-alkali products. She also has extensive experience in research and analysis on international trade and overseas sales in the steel & iron industry for around six years.

She holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Korea University, majoring in International Commerce (M.A.) and Public Administration as a double major (B.A).

Mike Nash

Mike Nash Vice President, Global Syngas Team Lead | Americas Acetyls Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Mr. Mike Nash is the Vice President for Syngas Chemicals (including the methanol and acetyls practices) at Chemical Market Analytics.

He works with a global team of regional consultants and overlays their analyses with a global perspective. His responsibilities include the weekly World Methanol Report and monthly World Methanol Analysis, including the weekly and monthly Global Acetyls Market Reports and the related World Analyses for Methanol, Acetyls, and Formaldehyde.

Before joining the IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) in September 2012, Mr. Nash worked for BP’s petrochemicals division for 19 years preceding a two-year stint in Total’s UK fuels business. He performed various commercial roles within BP, in international business management, marketing, project management, and logistics, based in London, Duesseldorf, and Kuala Lumpur. His last role in the Total UK was the Logistics Director for Specialties.

Mr. Nash holds a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature from Edinburgh University, UK, and a Master of Business Administration from Kingston University, UK.

Ashish Pujari

Ashish Pujari Vice President, Asia Aromatics & Fibers Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Ashish Pujari is the Vice President of Aromatics and Fibres at Chemical Market Analytics in Singapore.

Ashish Pujari is the Vice President for Aromatics and Fibers in Asia. He has over 30 years of experience in the petrochemical industry, mainly focused on the polyester and raw material value chain, which stretches from project design, operations, sales & marketing and business development. Over the past 15 years, he has focused on market research and consulting for the polyester and raw material industry. He is responsible for providing thought leadership to the sector and guiding our long-term forecasts.

Ashish works with the Asian petrochemicals industry and coordinates support across the value chains. His current products of focus are Paraxylene, terephthalic acid (PTA) and Polyester, covering the regional dynamics and guiding the global outlook. He also actively continues to focus on sustainability developments in the polyester sector. Ashish has also been instrumental in launching several reports, including the pricing reports for Aromatics in Asia and the Global Polyurethanes & Feedstock report.

Ashish joined CMAI in 2009, with a responsibility to cover the Asian PX and polyester markets and has taken additional responsibilities through our transition to Chemical Market Analytics. Before joining CMAI, Ashish worked for Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) in India and was leading the M&A activity in the polyester sector at the time of his exit in 2009. Ashish joined RIL as a fresh engineer in 1994 in the project design and construction group and later progressed to operations. He also worked in sales & business development, becoming the North India regional sales lead for raw materials.

Ashish holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Polymers & Chemical) from the University of Pune, India, as well as an Executive Management diploma from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.


Brian Lee

Brian Lee Executive Director, Asia Benzene & Styrene Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Brian Lee is the Executive Director for Asia Benzene & Styrene at Chemical Market Analytics.

Brian Lee is the research and analysis executive director responsible for the Asian market report of Chemical Market Analytics, focusing on the market analysis of benzene and styrene. He also contributes to various market advisory publications and supports consulting activities. Brian has a distinguished career spanning almost 30 years in the petrochemical industry.

Previously, he worked with Argus Dewitt for three years as a vice president covering Asian Aromatics. He contributed to numerous market reports and single client studies and hosted the Asian conference, including speaking. Mr. Lee started his career with Samsung C&T Corporation, working for 16 years in Asia and Europe. He was responsible for trading and marketing benzene, toluene, xylenes (BTX), styrene, paraxylene (PX), and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) to global customers.

Mr. Lee holds an MBA from Hanyang Cyber University and a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Hanyang University, South Korea.


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