Plastics Value-Chain Reinvented

The Plastics Industry is in Transition


As standards of living rise and plastics demand grows, plastic-waste generation will outpace population growth, disrupting all businesses involved in the direct and extended plastics value chain.


It’s time for the plastics value chain to be reinvented.

The plastics waste dilemma isn’t going away, and is affecting the industry and your business directly.


Four Key Actors that drive plastics’ Transition to circularity


Looking to either attract or effectively allocate limited resources and capital.

Circular Plastics Service

A comprehensive, scenario-based evaluation of how the plastics value chain is expected to transition from a linear to a circular economy. Addressing the implications of carbon intensity and the impact on future capital investments within the context of energy transition and carbon valuation amid changing policies and regulations.


Enables you to:


With the Circular Plastics Service, you will be able to:


  • Evaluate the level of societal demand in different markets while avoiding being surprised by evolving consumer preferences​
  • Develop actionable policies for plastics use and waste to manage consumer perceptions​
  • Identify how consumer and system behavior will change in the long term​
  • Strategies needed to address consumer perceptions while achieving economical solutions