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4 – 6 December· Doha, Qatar

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Chemical Market Analytics Activities at GPCA 2023

Chemical Market Analytics will be at the 17th GPCA Annual Forum in Doha Qatar. Join us and take advantage of the discussion, where our matter experts describe the overarching outlook & trends in the oil, NGL & naphtha, olefins, polyolefins, aromatics and inorganics.

Exchange Session

Formulating a strategy for growth in a oversupplied world

4 December, 3;10PM – 3;40PM

The global petrochemical sector is facing an unprecedented overhang of capacity which, given the growth objectives of China, point towards continued challenges and pressure on the industry. As a Middle Eastern operator, you are looking for opportunities to grow. What is the optimal pathway to take in such an abundantly over-supplied market? Focussing on the major polymer markets, this session will focus on the critical steps to be taken as a hydrocarbon rich player when building a strategy for growth, both supporting profitability through the downturn and positioning for long-term growth.

Meet our experts at GPCA 2023

Dewey Johnson

Dewey Johnson Senior Vice President, Global Head of Chemical Market Analytics Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Dewey Johnson is Senior Vice President & Global Lead of Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company (“Chemical Market Analytics”).

IHS Markit Global LLC (“IHS Markit”) was acquired by S&P Global in February 2022. As part of the merger, IHS Markit Base Chemicals was spun off and separately acquired by Dow Jones and renamed “Chemical Market Analytics” in June 2022.
Dewey is responsible for the global business, including insight and research covering the major chemical value chains including Aromatics and Fibers, Olefins and Derivatives, Inorganics (chlor-alkali, vinyls, and soda ash), Plastics and Polymers, and Syngas Chemicals (methanol, acetyls, and ammonia). Dewey is based in Houston.

Prior to Chemical Market Analytics, Dewey joined IHS Markit (through legacy CMAI) in 2009. His experience in the petrochemical industry covers all aspects of the business- financial, commercial, operations, research, strategy design and business planning, business development, as well as consultancy. Prior to IHS Markit, he was with Eastman Chemical Company, where he spent more than 25 years in strategic and commercial roles with various business groups and corporate functions. Dewey held management positions in commercial development, global sourcing, P&L for key businesses, market development, and market & strategic analysis of chemical markets and businesses. Dewey has led multiple complex engagements in strategy development and execution, global sourcing of Aromatics & olefins derivatives and industrial gases, business simulation & game theory and dynamic modeling, sales/ marketing, and business development. Dewey received BS and MS engineering degrees from Tennessee Technological University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He also earned an MBA in General Management. Dewey has been a frequent guest lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, UVA Darden School of Management, and SUNY at Albany School of Public Policy.

John Mathew

John Mathew Vice President, Business Development Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company

John Mathew is Vice President of Business Development at Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company.

John Mathew joined Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company, as Vice President (Business Development) starting May-2023. John will be part of the leadership team within CMA and will be based in the Dubai office. John comes with more than three decades of diverse experience in the hydrocarbon downstream industry value chains across the petrochemicals and the oil & gas industry.

Prior to joining CMA, John served as the Vice President (International Business Development) within ADNOC’s downstream directorate. Having worked with several industry leaders, such as Basell Polyolefins, Saudi Aramco & ADNOC, John comes with extensive global experience and functional competencies within the chemicals industry.

John holds a Master of Marketing Management degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

Matthew Thoelke

Matthew Thoelke Vice President, EMEA Olefins Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Matthew Thoelke is the Vice President for Olefins and Derivatives in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Chemical Market Analytics.

Matthew Thoelke is the vice president of the olefins and derivatives team in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Chemical Market Analytics. During his time with the company, he has taken a wide variety of roles across a broad range of product areas. With over 25 years of experience, Matthew is a key resource within the business for understanding and insight into the olefins sector of the petrochemical industry.

Within the EMEA region, he works closely with the petrochemical, oil and financial industries, bringing support and guidance throughout the petrochemical chain. His current area of focus includes oversight of the ‘Europe and the Middle East Olefins Report’ and primary input and insight for the ‘World Ethylene and Propylene Analyses.’

His prior experience includes coverage of butadiene and elastomers, for which he remains a globally recognized industry speaker and expert. Whilst in this role, Mathew was responsible for the ‘Global Outlook — Feedstocks, Elastomers Report’ and the ‘World Butadiene Analysis’ and took the lead role in analyzing olefin and derivative markets in support of the long-term planning outlooks in the World Analysis.

Mr. Thoelke has both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Material Sciences from Cambridge University, as well as a Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (ACDMM).

Martin Wiesweg

Martin Wiesweg Executive Director, EMEA Polymers Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Mr. Wiesweg is the Executive Director of Polymers for EMEA Plastics at Chemical Market Analytics

Martin Wiesweg is the executive director of the polymers team in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Chemical Market Analytics. His primary responsibilities focus on polystyrene, expandable polystyrene (EPS) and PET resin. With over 30 years of experience, Martin is a key resource within the business for understanding and insights into the polymer sector of the petrochemical industry.

He works closely with the European plastics industry in the EMEA region, from producers to converters and brand owners, bringing insights and guidance throughout the polymer chains. His current area of focus includes oversight of the ‘European Plastics and Polymers Report, contributing to various reports, e.g., Global Plastics and Polymers Report, Global PET Stream Report and European Aromatics Monomer Report. as well as primary input and insight for the World Polystyrene, EPS and PET resin analyses. He is also an expert on plastics sustainability, supporting Chemical Market Analytics’s circular plastics service.

Before Chemical Market Analytics, Martin spent over 20 years in the petrochemical industry. Within Huels AG, BP Chemical and Ineos Nova, he has had many responsibilities in technical and commercial departments, including technical service, marketing, sales and head of commercial management for speciality polymers.

Mr. Wiesweg holds a master’s degree in Physics from the University of Paderborn, Germany.




Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark Vice President, Global Aromatics & Fibers Team Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Duncan Clark is the Vice President of the Global Aromatics and Fibers business at Chemical Market Analytics.

Duncan Clark is the vice president of Global Aromatics and Derivatives, based in Chemical Market Analytics’ London office. Duncan joined the company in 2013 as the EMEA Aromatics Director, taking over the global Aromatics team leadership in 2017. Duncan has 40 years of experience working in the global petrochemical and chemical industries in various Sales, Marketing, Corporate Business Development, Business Management and Consultancy roles.

Duncan maintains a view of global developments in all major aromatics markets and works closely with petrochemical producers, consumers and financial institutions worldwide, providing insight and future expectations. He has specific expertise in the polyester feedstocks markets. He is a regular speaker at Chemical Market Analytics’ regional conferences. He leads a global team of Aromatics consultants and analysts. He is responsible for the commercial strategy and client support for a broad portfolio of Aromatics services focused on individual aromatics value chains. He also regularly forms part of the project team for Chemical Market Analytics’ single client studies.

Before this, Duncan spent ten years working in an ExxonMobil / Shell joint venture company involved in fuel and lubricant additives and visited refineries worldwide. He also spent 12 years working for Air Products in various chemical and industrial gas businesses in the UK, U.S., and Netherlands. He now provides insights into the global aromatics and derivative markets, including paraxylene, purified terephthalic acid, ethylene glycols, polyurethane feedstocks, and the global benzene, toluene, and xylenes markets.

Mr. Clark has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University College London and a Master of Business Administration from Manchester Business School.


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