Aromatics Feedstocks Overview

November 15, 2023 | On-Demand Event

Duration: 67 mins

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2023 has seen the global aromatics markets buffeted from all sides; upstream feedstock price and availability have been dominated by gasoline and octane markets, whilst the downstream chemical markets have suffered from high inflation that has destroyed consumer demand.

The outlook for 2024 and beyond will be determined by the next stage of development for both sectors, and this session covered the key aromatics feedstocks: pyrolysis gasoline and reformate.

Regional changes on the downstream side and regulatory side that could also influence the availability of these key feedstocks over the next two years were considered.

The following were covered in this session:

  • Will gasoline and octane continue to pull feedstocks away from chemical operators?
  • How will regulation influence availability and flows to the gasoline markets?
  • When is chemical demand going to return?
  • How does energy transition influence the long-term markets?



Duncan Clark
Vice President, Aromatics and Polyester
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

David Potter
Vice President, EMEA Aromatics & Phenolics
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

James Nicholson
Executive Director, America Benzene, Pygas & Reformate
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

Anthony Tso
Director, Asia Aromatics
Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

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