The Future of Energy Markets: Evolving at a New Pace

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The Future of Energy Markets: Evolving at a New Pace

Wednesday, 11 September
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The turmoil caused by the various geopolitical events and the subsequent disruptions in the global energy markets has forced nations to reassess how — and how long — the evolution from fossil fuels to renewables will play out. Further adding to this uncertainty is the rise of interest rates and the stalling of EV adoption. Given these dynamics, there is growing confidence that traditional hydrocarbon-based fuels will still be a critical piece of the global energy mix as evidenced by the doubling down by western oil companies on hydrocarbon resource exploitation. In essence, the world will still need oil, but the real questions are how much and when the energy transition will resume its previous pace. Join us as we discuss the evolution of the energy markets & downstream market responses.

Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Jaime Brito, Executive Director, Refining and Oil Products, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
The risk envelope of the energy transition is increasing amid shifting political agendas, fiscal pressures, and societal attitudes. Even with aggressive investment in renewables, the world cannot easily sever the reliance on traditional forms of energy; those with a flexible approach towards this ever-evolving transition stand to benefit the most. Join us as we make sense of the various outcomes of the energy transition and present a pragmatic view within the range of outcomes.
Jenny Solomon, Vice President, Portfolio Governance & Analysis, Marketing & Trading, Woodside Energy
Moderator: Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Sessions will resume at 11:00 am
Casey Selecman, Director of Powertrain Forecast, Autoforecast Solutions
After a decade of governmental incentives and low interest rates, the pace of EV adoption seemed unstoppable, but slowing economic growth and a higher interest rate environment have impacted the EV thesis. Is this simply a pause in the normal adoption s-curve adoption or has EV adoption plateaued? In this session, we assess the current environment & separate the adoption signal from the noise.
Michelle Young, Renewables Program Manager, Chevron
Even with the increased penetration of sustainable aviation fuel, the demand of hydrocarbon based jet fuel will likely continue to grow. Join us as we discuss the trends in the aviation sector and how will those trends impact the demand for jet fuel, both fossil and sustainable versions.
Speaker to be announced
Of all the forms of transportation, shipping is the most critical for the overseas movement of goods. We explore the most likely adoption of alternative fuels, such as methanol or ammonia; then, we discuss the challenges for the increased penetration of these alternative fuels.
Moderator: Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Sessions to resume at 2:00 PM after lunch.
Carlo Barrasa, VP, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Susan Bell, Sr. Vice President, Downstream, Rystad Energy
Refiners have a difficult task. Today, they have to supply hydrocarbon-based fuels to the mobility sector. Tomorrow, they will still supply those same fuels to a shrinking sector, but will also need to supply growing demand from petrochemicals and aviation. Refiners need to invest today for flexible operations tomorrow. We explore the possible pathways of these investments and their viability in future environments.
Adrian Calcaneo, Vice President, Natural Gas Liquids, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Keith Couch, Senior Director of Business Development & Integrated Products, Honeywell UOP
As the world progresses towards higher levels of decarbonization, we are witnessing a structural shift in the oil refining and petrochemicals (R&P) industry. Many old, less efficient assets are being shuttered, while larger, integrated and more efficient R&P complexes are being developed. Brownfield refineries are starting to shift their production targets towards chemicals. New complexes off-set traditional refined fuel imports and extend into petrochemicals for a higher quality of debt service. Join this presentation to learn more about how we can better leverage proven refining technologies to accelerate the shift towards chemicals. Learn how to leverage the UOP Six Efficiencies (E6) as a framework to improve the efficiency of your project, while consuming less feedstock, producing less CO2 per tonne of light olefin and spending less cash to realize your petrochemical vision.  
Moderator: Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Sessions will resume at 4:00 PM
Chuck Carr, Vice President, Strategic Team , Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Extreme overcapacity, dimmer economic prospects and the push to circularity are all challenging the narrative of petrochemical demand growth. Is petrochemical demand growth really certain? We explore the outlooks for olefins and aromatics demand growth and explain how circularity may influence the trajectory of that growth.
Javier Ortiz, Director North & South America Methanol, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Rommel Oates, Chairman & CEO, Refinery Calculator Inc.
In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, hydrogen has emerged as a potential game-changer. This presentation will delve into the realities and misconceptions surrounding hydrogen technology. We will explore its role in decarbonizing hard to abate industries, necessary advancements required in hydrogen production and storage technologies, and the economic feasibility of widespread adoption. By examining real-world applications and recent innovations, we'll separate the genuine opportunities from the overhyped promises, providing a clear-eyed assessment of hydrogen’s potential to drive a low- carbon future. Join us to discover whether hydrogen truly represents hope or mere hype. 
Moderator: Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS



Session Speakers

Carlo Barrasa Vice President, Energy Insights Team Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Carlo Barrasa is the Vice President of Energy Insights at Chemical Market Analytics In this role, Carlo stewards the development of energy market content to help Chemical Market Analytics’ clients navigate the complexities of the oil, gas & natural gas liquids markets. Previously, Carlo led the North American Light Olefins service, which provides clients with valuable insights into the regional market dynamics of cracker feedstocks, ethylene, and propylene. Before joining Chemical Market Analytics, Carlo was a Senior Strategy Advisor at Anadarko Petroleum, where he was responsible for guiding the company's market strategy for its natural gas liquids business. After beginning his career in various downstream and chemical roles with ExxonMobil, Carlo held senior consulting and research positions at IHS Markit legacy companies PFC Energy and CMAI.

Susan Bell Sr. Vice President Downstream Rystad Energy

Susan Bell is a professional chemical engineer with over 25 years of experience in the petroleum industry.  Her expertise is with refinery planning and optimization.  She is based in Calgary, Canada and has experience with many facets of the oil industry from refinery capital planning, refinery run plan optimization, crude oil market development, commercial negotiations, and mergers/acquisitions.  Susan just joined Rystad Energy in September.

Jaime Brito Vice President, Refining and Oil Markets Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Jaime Brito is the Vice President of refining and oil product markets at Chemical Market Analytics. Jaime Brito is in charge of leading content and analysis on the refining and oil products markets and their impact on the chemical sector. With over 25 years of experience, his views and insights have reached all regions of the oil and gas industry, where he has covered oil and gas markets, refining economics, commercial strategies, Mr. Brito’s activities at the Energy Market teams cover all regions. His technical, commercial and geopolitical knowledge, paired with a deep understanding of oil and gas dynamics, pricing drivers and a unique ability to anticipate potential market developments, make all his contributions a significant value added. He plays a leading role in assessing the outlook for global market fundamentals, refining rationalizations and supply, and is part of our market intelligence services focused on short- and long-term analysis. Before joining Chemical Market Analytics, Mr. Brito delivered consulting related to oil, fuels and refining around the world, from assessing the feasibility of new refineries in Asia and the Middle East to designing commercial strategies and investments in Europe or Latin America to due diligence for asset acquisition in the US or Canada. He has led diligence and feasibility studies representing over 15 billion dollars of capital. Mr. Brito is based in Houston, Texas and holds an MBA and a BS in Chemical Engineering. As part of his long and international career, he is a regular guest in news programs, where he shares his insights on global geopolitics, oil markets, and fuel prices, among others.

Adrian Calcaneo Vice President, Energy & Feedstocks (NGL & Naphtha) Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Adrian Calcaneo is Vice President of NGL & Naphtha at Chemical Market Analytics. Mr. Calcaneo is based in Houston, Texas, and is the Vice President for Energy and Feedstocks at Chemical Market Analytics (CMA). His responsibilities include spearheading global development efforts across multiple product lines, including Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), and Naphtha. With over 20 years of experience, Adrian is a key resource within the company, offering deep insights into the broad energy market. In his role, he collaborates closely with stakeholders throughout the energy, petrochemical, and financial sectors, providing global support and strategic insights. His current focus involves leading the development of new energy products and enhancing the company's market deliverables and insights. Before assuming his current position, Adrian managed NGL market research for 43 Latin America and the Caribbean countries. His extensive experience also includes consulting for multinational energy companies and working in international trade, energy policy, and global economics at think tanks and international non-governmental organizations. Mr. Calcaneo holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Public Administration, focusing on Energy Policy, from Texas A&M University, along with a Certificate in Advanced International Affairs from the Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M. He also earned a Master’s Degree in Data Science and a professional certification from Harvard University.

Chuck Carr Vice President, World Analysis Strategic Team Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Chuck Carr is Vice President of the strategic team at Chemical Market Analytics. Chuck is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the global chemical supply/demand analytics and World Analysis publications. Prior to his current position, he was the global business leader for the Inorganics team, senior director of Global Olefins, and service leader for the North American Light Olefins Market Advisory Service at Chemical Market Analytics. His focus for the past 10 years has primarily been on olefins and the analysis of the propylene and propylene derivatives markets for hundreds of global customers. Chuck's expertise encompasses the oil and gas and chemicals industries, including refinery engineering/operations, purchasing, plastics logistics, and olefins commercial activities. Prior to joining the IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) in 2011, he served as director of propylene studies in the olefins group of Chemical Market Associates, Inc. (CMAI) since 2006. Previously, he was with Total Petrochemicals USA for more than two decades. He received a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Oklahoma and is a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas.

Keith Couch Senior Director, Business Development & Integrated Products Honeywell UOP

Keith A. Couch is Senior Director of UOP’s global Business Development function. The focus of the organization is to drive improved client value creation for projects ranging from single process units to fully integrated industrial mega-projects. Since joining UOP in 1990, Keith has held numerous domestic and international positions across a broad range of manufacturing, R&D, service, and business management roles. He has a strong background in both Refining and Petrochemicals and is driving UOP’s thought leadership for the Refinery of the Future. He is an author with 23 publications and an innovator with 34 U.S patents. Keith holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, and a Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Strategy from the University of Chicago - Booth School of Business. He is based in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.

Rommel Oates Chairman & CEO Refinery Calc

Rommel Oates is the Chairman and CEO of Refinery Calculator Inc., a global leader in refining, hydrogen intelligence, and proprietary optimization software. He also heads Oates Energy Solutions LLC, specializing in hydrogen and energy solutions brokerage services. With over 22 years of experience in key roles at Fortune 250 companies and venture capital firms, Rommel possesses comprehensive global expertise across the hydrogen value chain, including production, distribution, technical engineering, and global commercial business operations. He is also skilled in decarbonization and holds over 16 patents in hydrogen storage. As a seasoned C-Suite executive and Independent Director for several public company boards, Rommel is proficient at scaling technology businesses, advancing start-ups, strategic planning, and ESG governance. His deep insights into hydrogen, refining, and chemicals further solidify his industry standing. Dedicated to advancing a hydrogen-centric, low-carbon future, Rommel is a trusted ally to stakeholders and public company boards, championing innovation and sustainability across the industry.

Javier Ortiz Director, North & South America Methanol Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Javier Ortiz is the Director of the North and South American methanol market at Chemical Market Analytics. Javier Ortiz is the North and South American methanol market director at Chemical Market Analytics. As of 2019, Mr. Ortiz leads methanol market coverage in the Americas. He began his consulting career at CMAI (Chemical Market Associates, Inc.), in 2007 as a research analyst for the North and South American synthetic fibers market, primarily focusing on the polyester and nylon supply chains. He was subsequently appointed global leader of CMAI’s senior research analyst group while taking over consulting coverage of the nylon raw materials markets in the Americas. Before joining the IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) Methanol team, Mr. Ortiz formed part of its Plastics group for nearly a decade, where he led coverage of the polyolefins market in Latin American, directed the QuiMax Latin American consulting service, and was also responsible for polystyrene market research in the Americas. He holds a degree in industrial engineering and a minor in business administration from Texas A&M University, US.

Casey Selecman Director of Powertrain Forecast AutoForecast Solutions LLC (AFS)

Casey has been helping the automotive industry understand the complex world of powertrain forecasting for over 20 years. As the Director of Powertrain Forecasts at AFS, his primary focus is on the North American market, but he keeps a constant eye on external market influences as the world becomes less regional and more global. Over his career, Casey has worked directly with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, automotive associations, and regulators to support their unique business challenges. Today, he helps companies navigate industry risk and opportunities by using critical market intelligence to give them an edge in their strategy and business planning efforts. He has also supported both California and US Federal fuel economy and GHG regulations in the early 2000’s and continues to follow all regulations impacting future powertrain requirements. He has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Michigan and lives with his wife and three kids in suburban Detroit.

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