Focus on Emerging Markets: Spotlight on Key Markets

September 9 – 11, 2024
Marriott Marquis
Houston, TX

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Focus on Emerging Markets: Spotlight on Key Markets

Monday, 9 September
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Recently, the industry has seen a clear shift to Asia as the center of gravity for future chemical growth & demand. In this context, three regions are crucial, and gaining a deeper understanding is critical as the industry navigates towards the future. China is the largest chemical market both from a supply & demand perspective, India is one of the fastest growth areas, and Saudi Arabia which has a historically advantaged position in petrochemical feedstock is expected to continue, and even grow. In a world where the intertwined nature of economies also underscores the impact of these economies on the larger global economy. In this program, we will engage in a dialogue seeking perspectives from key industry experts and Chemical Market Analytics on developments in these three key regions – whose prospects will be crucial to determining chemical industry performance in the future.

John Mathew, Vice President, Global Business Development, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS 
Moderator: John Mathew, Vice President, Global Business Development, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS 

William Chen, Executive Director, Asia Olefins, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
ChunLi Bao, Chief Researcher, CNOOC EEI

For the past several decades, China has been the growth engine for global growth. However, in recent times, a series of external and internal developments have resulted in slower growth rates. China has struggled with prolonged economic headwinds, and high levels of local government debt limiting infrastructure investment, amid the property sector entering its fourth year of free-fall. Consumer & investor confidence are also under pressure. However, China occupies an outsized role in demand and production in the chemical industry. Its capacity to produce in most chemistries is second to none, its derived demand pull as a manufacturer to the world and its rising domestic market also make it a player to reckon with. This panel will discuss, China’s role & impact looking ahead. 

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Moderator: John Mathew, Vice President, Global Business Development, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Ashish Pujari, Vice President, Asia Aromatics, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Unmesh, Nayak, Chief Operating Officer, Polymers, Reliance

Apart from China, India is the closest emerging market having the scale and size to be a growth engine. However, in the past the promise of India’s potential has often not kept pace with actual performance. Will this time be different? What are the underlying factors that are growth enablers for the Indian economy? What are the underlying risks that can hobble that growth potential? In a year of elections, the Indian election will be the most closely watched one after the US election – in terms of impact geopolitically. How do prospects for the Indian economy look? What will be the impact on chemical growth across the spectrum?

Moderator: John Mathew, Vice President, Global Business Development, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Kaushik Mitra, Executive Director, European Plastics, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

The Middle East has for several decades established itself as a build-to-export model based on competitive feedstock in the chemicals industry. Saudi Arabia, as the largest and most significant economy in the region, has always been a model. However, the Saudi economy itself is undergoing a massive change through its Vision 2030 program – which essentially aims at transforming and diversifying the Saudi economy away from an excessive dependence on hydrocarbons. Saudi is positioning itself as an investment destination to attract inward investments, with a proposition based on attractive energy & feedstock, a locational advatnage that spans global trade lanes & a new ease of doing business signaling their openness to attract partnerships and investments across the chemical value chain. What is next in the Saudi context, and how will that impact the chemical industry?

John Mathew, Vice President, Global Business Development, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS 
Session Speakers

William Chen, PhD Executive Director, Asia Olefins and Derivatives Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

William Chen is an Executive Director of the Asia Olefins and Derivatives at Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company. Dr. William Chen is the Executive Director at Chemical Market Analytics. He leads Asia Olefins' business and has research responsibilities for providing insight into the dynamics associated with the ethylene, propylene, C4, and derivatives value chain markets. Provide thought leadership on the markets relating to supply, demand, price and economics, as well as competitive dynamics and changing industry structural elements. William also leads Asia Olefins' business for strategic growth and provides ongoing commercial management. Focus on nurturing client relationships and deepening services as part of clients’ commercial and strategic decision-making processes. Nurture relationships with clients, including SOEs, POEs and MNCs, to deepen services in clients’ commercial and strategic decision-making processes. William has been involved in many petrochemical consulting projects and client studies, including the China Coal Chemical Study, Global Propane Dehydrogenation Research, and Refinery-cracker/aromatic complex feasibility study. Before Chemical Market Analytics, William worked for ChemChina. William started as a chemical engineer at the company at a Lanzhou fiber plant in Northwest China. Then, he moved back to Beijing to focus on downstream application development. In the last two years with ChemChina, William took charge of sales and marketing responsibility in NE Asia. William earned a Ph.D from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and majored in Polymer Chemistry and Physics. William is based in Beijing, China.

John Mathew Vice President, Business Development Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company

John Mathew is Vice President of Business Development at Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company. John Mathew joined Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company, as Vice President (Business Development) starting May-2023. John will be part of the leadership team within CMA and will be based in the Dubai office. John comes with more than three decades of diverse experience in the hydrocarbon downstream industry value chains across the petrochemicals and the oil & gas industry. Prior to joining CMA, John served as the Vice President (International Business Development) within ADNOC's downstream directorate. Having worked with several industry leaders, such as Basell Polyolefins, Saudi Aramco & ADNOC, John comes with extensive global experience and functional competencies within the chemicals industry. John holds a Master of Marketing Management degree and a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering.

Kaushik Mitra Executive Director, Europe Plastics & Polymers Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Kaushik Mitra is the Executive Director of Polyolefin for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Chemical Market Analytics. Kaushik Mitra is the Executive Director of Polyolefin for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He steers the Polyolefin Insight and Research practice for Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS, A Dow Jones Company. Kaushik is a key resource within the business for understanding and insight into the olefins sector of the petrochemical industry. He was pivotal in conceptualizing, developing and executing the Chemical Market Analytics’ Circular Plastics studies. Within the EMEA region, Kaushik works closely with the value chain comprising Polymer producers, Brand owners, Converters, Distributors, & Resellers, providing support and guidance throughout the Polyolefins value chain. Kaushik’s current area of focus includes the European Plastics & Polymers Report, providing critical IP for EMEA and input and insight for the World Polyethylene Analyses. Kaushik gained diverse career experience working at top Global companies, steering business management, market development, market intelligence and strategy functions in leadership roles. His interests are in pricing, strategy and market intelligence. He joined Chemical Market Analytics in 2016 with over 26 years of experience in petrochemicals. Previously, with petrochemicals giant SABIC, Kaushik led the global business strategy team for the polymers business, shaping long-term ambitions regarding growth, business improvement, innovation and pricing. Kaushik was instrumental in designing and executing growth and differentiation strategies and played a key role in M&A and benchmarking. Kaushik holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology and an MBA in marketing from the Indian Institute of Management.  

Unmesh Nayak COO Reliance Industries Limited

Unmesh Nayak is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in Plastics, Rubbers, and Specialty Polymers. He holds a degree in Polymer Technology from MIT, a Pune and Chemical Engineering degree from D.J. Sanghavi College of Engineering, and an MBA in Marketing and Operations from NMIMS, Mumbai. Nayak has held various leadership roles in sales, marketing, product management, and asset management at BASF and Dow Chemical, working across diverse cultures and geographies in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the ANZ region. Currently, he serves as the COO of the Polymer Chain division at Reliance Industries, overseeing Olefins, PE, PP, EO-EG, ACN, and EVA. Outside of his professional achievements, Nayak is a passionate marathon runner who has competed on five continents and aspires to run on all seven. He is married and has a daughter.

Ashish Pujari Vice President, Asia Aromatics & Fibers Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Ashish Pujari is the Vice President of Aromatics and Fibres at Chemical Market Analytics in Singapore. Ashish Pujari is the Vice President for Aromatics and Fibers in Asia. He has over 30 years of experience in the petrochemical industry, mainly focused on the polyester and raw material value chain, which stretches from project design, operations, sales & marketing and business development. Over the past 15 years, he has focused on market research and consulting for the polyester and raw material industry. He is responsible for providing thought leadership to the sector and guiding our long-term forecasts. Ashish works with the Asian petrochemicals industry and coordinates support across the value chains. His current products of focus are Paraxylene, terephthalic acid (PTA) and Polyester, covering the regional dynamics and guiding the global outlook. He also actively continues to focus on sustainability developments in the polyester sector. Ashish has also been instrumental in launching several reports, including the pricing reports for Aromatics in Asia and the Global Polyurethanes & Feedstock report. Ashish joined CMAI in 2009, with a responsibility to cover the Asian PX and polyester markets and has taken additional responsibilities through our transition to Chemical Market Analytics. Before joining CMAI, Ashish worked for Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) in India and was leading the M&A activity in the polyester sector at the time of his exit in 2009. Ashish joined RIL as a fresh engineer in 1994 in the project design and construction group and later progressed to operations. He also worked in sales & business development, becoming the North India regional sales lead for raw materials. Ashish holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Polymers & Chemical) from the University of Pune, India, as well as an Executive Management diploma from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.  

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