Energy to Chemicals: Adapting to the Energy Transition for Chemical Demand Growth

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Energy to Chemicals: Adapting to the Energy Transition for Chemical Demand Growth

Thursday, 14 September
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The turmoil caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the subsequent disruptions in the global energy markets has forced nations to reassess how — and how long — the evolution from fossil fuels to renewables will play out. While tight supplies of fossil fuels create an impetus for the adoption of renewables, the critical need for energy security remains and compels the use of carbon-based and nuclear power. Against this backdrop, the adoption of electric vehicles continues and the resulting shift in the vehicle fleet will have profound implications for the global refining complex. As the demand for oil-based fuels peaks, refineries will look to shift their product slates towards increasing amounts of basic chemicals. Join us as we discuss the evolution of the energy markets & downstream market responses.

Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Claudio Galimberti, Rystad Energy, and Emily McClain, Rystad Energy 
Adrian Calcaneo, Vice President, Natural Gas Liquids, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Moderator: Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Join us in the Hub to hear Sumitomo discuss “A Solution for Recycling Plastic Packaging Using Sumicle®”

Speaker: Eiko Ito, Assistant Manager of R&D, Sumitomo Chemical Company 

We introduce Sumicle®, a novel material developed by Sumitomo Chemical, specifically designed to enhance the recyclability of plastic packaging.

Conventional plastic packaging are composed of multiple materials, including PE, PP, PA, and PET, with different functions assigned to each polymer layer. However, the recyclability of multi-layer packaging composed of different types of materials is inferior to that of mono-material packaging.

Sumicle®, PE-based material, offers comparable rigidity and heat resistance at handling to those of PA films. By substituting PA films with Sumicle®, mono-material plastic packaging, consisting only of PE, can be achieved.

This presentation not only introduces the excellent performance of Sumicle® but also illustrates the recyclability of plastic packaging using Sumicle®.

Sessions will resume at 11:00 am

Karl Doenges, Executive Director, Charging Analytics Program and Transportation Retail Integration Program Transportation Energy Institute
Susan Bell, Senior Vice President, Downstream, Rystad Energy 
Chuck Carr, Vice President, Strategic Team, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Find out about the latest trends regarding shifting refining yields to capture the growing demand for olefins and aromatics. The energy transition, decarbonization, and energy security strategies are shaping the future of fuels demand. Refineries will focus on maximizing their assets’ returns by increasing chemical yields. This session will discuss the impact of the shift on petrochemical markets. How much chemical capacity will come from new and existing refineries? When and where are the changes most likely to happen? How will the “energy to chemicals” shift affect market dynamics? Learn from our experts how to prepare for the future of refining and petrochemical integration.
Moderator: Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Sessions to resume at 2:oo PM after lunch.
Carlo Barrasa, VP, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS
Keith Couch, Senior Director of Business Development & Integrated Products, Honeywell UOP
As the world progresses towards higher levels of decarbonization, we are witnessing a structural shift in the oil refining and petrochemicals (R&P) industry. Many old, less efficient assets are being shuttered, while larger, integrated and more efficient R&P complexes are being developed. Brownfield refineries are starting to shift their production targets towards chemicals. New complexes off-set traditional refined fuel imports and extend into petrochemicals for a higher quality of debt service. Join this presentation to learn more about how we can better leverage historical and proven refining technologies to accelerate the shift towards chemicals.
Daniel Gillis, Technology Director, Chevron Lummus Global
In the last few years, there has been a lot of buzz around crude to chemicals. Global growth in refined products is projected to remain far sluggish relative to the growth in petrochemicals. The price of petrochemicals is also more resilient compared to that of transportation fuels and fluctuate in a relatively narrow band. These factors have led crude producers and refiners to consider higher or total conversion of crude to chemicals. In a typical crude oil refinery, whole crude oil is fractionated and then processed to produce LPG, naphtha, diesel, gas oils and high boiling residuum. Some of these products are used as transportation fuels or as starting feedstock for olefins or aromatics production in the petrochemical industry. Many of the starting feedstocks for conventional olefin production are first subjected to substantial, expensive and energy demanding refining processes designed to meet transportation fuel specifications. Direct Crude conversion to olefins is an option available to a few refiners who have access to very light, paraffinic crudes and condensates which can readily be converted to petrochemical feedstocks. However, even very light crudes and condensates often have a high-boiling “tail” that requires rejection to fuel oil. Besides, access to very light paraffinic crudes and condensates is limited outside the United States and some East Asian locations. Aramco, CLG and Lummus signed a Joint Development Agreement in 2017 and over the course of the following two years, after intense research, engineering studies, risk and economic analyses, commercialized TC2C™. 
Moderator: Graham Copley, Co-founding Partner, C-MACC

Rick Beuttel, VP of Business Development, Hydrogen, Bloom Energy
Bob Oesterreich, VP of Global Sales, Hydrogen, Chart Industries
Benjamin Heard, COO & President, Gulf Coast Sequestration
Tim Cesarek, Chief Commercial Officer, Gevo

Carlo Barrasa, Vice President, Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS



Session Speakers

Carlo Barrasa Vice President, Energy Insights Team Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Carlo Barrasa is the Vice President of Energy Insights at Chemical Market Analytics In this role, Carlo stewards the development of energy market content to help Chemical Market Analytics’ clients navigate the complexities of the oil, gas & natural gas liquids markets. Previously, Carlo led the North American Light Olefins service, which provides clients with valuable insights into the regional market dynamics of cracker feedstocks, ethylene, and propylene. Prior to joining Chemical Market Analytics, Carlo was a Senior Strategy Advisor at Anadarko Petroleum where he was responsible for guiding the company's market strategy for its natural gas liquids business. After beginning his career in various downstream and chemical roles with ExxonMobil, Carlo then held senior consulting and research positions at IHS Markit legacy companies PFC Energy and CMAI.

Rick Beuttel Vice President Business Development, Hydrogen Bloom Energy

Susan Bell Sr. Vice President Downstream Rystad Energy

Susan Bell is a professional chemical engineer with over 25 years of experience in the petroleum industry.  Her expertise is with refinery planning and optimization.  She is based in Calgary, Canada and has experience with many facets of the oil industry from refinery capital planning, refinery run plan optimization, crude oil market development, commercial negotiations, and mergers/acquisitions.  Susan just joined Rystad Energy in September.

Chuck Carr Vice President, World Analysis Strategic Team Lead Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Chuck Carr is Vice President of the strategic team at Chemical Market Analytics. Chuck is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the global chemical supply/demand analytics and World Analysis publications. Prior to his current position, he was the global business leader for the Inorganics team, senior director of Global Olefins, and service leader for the North American Light Olefins Market Advisory Service at Chemical Market Analytics. His focus for the past 10 years has primarily been on olefins and the analysis of the propylene and propylene derivatives markets for hundreds of global customers. Chuck's expertise encompasses the oil and gas and chemicals industries, including refinery engineering/operations, purchasing, plastics logistics, and olefins commercial activities. Prior to joining the IHS Markit base chemicals business (now known as Chemical Market Analytics) in 2011, he served as director of propylene studies in the olefins group of Chemical Market Associates, Inc. (CMAI) since 2006. Previously, he was with Total Petrochemicals USA for more than two decades. He received a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Oklahoma and is a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas.

Tim J. Cesarek Chief Commerical Officer Gevo

Timothy J. Cesarek has served as Chief Commercial Officer of the Company since March 2018. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Cesarek was the Senior Vice President, Global Business Development, of Enerkem, a waste to chemicals and fuels company, where he was responsible for leading the commercial and project development efforts from 2012 to 2018. From 2009 to 2012, Mr. Cesarek served as Managing Director in the Organic Growth Group and Organic Recycling business for Waste Management, Inc., where he was responsible for directly investing in opportunities for Waste Management to optimize the value of the waste it managed, particularly through waste conversion into biofuels, renewable chemicals, energy and lawn and garden products. Prior to Waste Management, Mr. Cesarek was the President of Koch Genesis Company LLC, an investment arm of Koch Industries, Inc., from 2001 to 2009, specializing in commercial ventures, licensing and early stage investments in the petrochemicals, forest products, polymers, resins and consumer products industries. Mr. Cesarek has over 30 years of business development and private equity experience with over 15 of those years in renewable fuels, chemicals and energy.

Graham Copley Co-founding Partner C-MACC

Graham is co-founder of C-MACC, a strategy, and research-based consulting company focused on the chemical industry and based in Houston.  Graham is a past senior executive with direct experience in business and people management, M&A, finance, consulting, and strategy in both the Chemical/Material Science and Energy Industries (and adjacencies) and Investment Banking and Securities. Previously Graham was co-founder of Pentant LLC and Head of the Industrials and Basic Industries Research at SSR LLC.  Pentant purchased SSR in 2013.  Pentant, founded in 2012, is a focused advisory and consulting business, with strong roots in the global chemical and financial industries.  In one engagement Graham took the role of CEO and Lead Board Director BioNitrogen Holding Corp – and steered the company through a chapter 11 restructuring. Prior to Pentant Graham was an executive director and head of US Equities for Macquarie Capital USA and built an equity platform from scratch which involved two acquisitions.  During that time Graham was a Board director of Macquarie Securities USA (the broker-dealer); a Compliance committee director; a 401K advisory board director; a member of the US management committee of Macquarie, and the Director of the “women in Macquarie” advisory group. Prior to Macquarie Graham was Head of Global Equity Research at HSBC. The group included around 185 analysts and associates globally, plus support, plus an offshoring operation in India with an additional 100 analysts.  The onshore research was run out of 12 global offices. Graham’s chemical industry focus began with a chemical engineering degree from Imperial College London and early career with BP Chemicals, progressed for a further 9 years in consulting through CMAI (Chemical Market Associates Inc.) CMAI sold to IHS Markit in 2011 (and is now split between S&P Global and CMA (part of OPIS), and ultimately at Sanford C. Bernstein for 8 years as a chemical research analyst in the financial services industry, where he achieved consistent top-ranked recognition.

Keith Couch Senior Director of Business Development & Integrated Products Honeywell UOP

Keith A. Couch is Senior Director of Business Development & Integrated Projects within UOP’s Process Technologies business. The focus of his organization is to drive bankable project development ranging from single process units to fully integrated refinery and petrochemicals complexes. Since joining UOP in 1990, Keith has held numerous domestic and international positions across a broad range of manufacturing, technical, service and business management roles. Keith holds 32 patents and has authored 21 industry publications. He has a strong background in both oil refining and petrochemicals and is driving UOP’s thought leadership for the Refinery of the Future. Keith earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Karl Doenges Executive Director, Charging Analytics Program and Transportation Retail Integration Program Transportation Energy Institute (TEI)

Karl Doenges is the Executive Director of the Transportation Energy Institute (TEI) Charging Analytics Program and the Transportation Retail Integration Program. Karl also represents the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) on the coming disruption in mobility and how that effects EV charging site hosts. In this role, Karl focuses on NACS’ EV charging infrastructure and EV-retail integration programs, TEI’s EV analytics programs and engaging the EV industry. Previously, he was Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Business Development for Sweetwater Energy, President of Clean Fuel Distribution, Director of Global Marketing at Wagner and Brown, Ltd., consultant for fuel, energy and technology for various companies and Vice President of Marketing and Government Affairs for Gradiant Corporation. Karl also worked in the United States International Trade Administration, establishing the energy exporting team – coordinating the federal agencies engaged in energy and exports. Karl is a member of the State Bar of Texas, served on the U.S. District Export Council for the U.S. Department of Commerce, is an international business graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and Master of Business Administration from Texas Tech University.

Claudio Galimberti North America Research Director Rystad Energy

Claudio Galimberti is the North America Research Director at Rystad Energy, leading a team of experts in the analysis of Oil & Gas Markets, Power, Renewables, Supply Chain, Shale, Upstream, Downstream, and Energy Transition in the North America region. He is also the Head of Oil Demand, both short and long term, at global level. An economist by training, he has worked in the oil industry for over 20 years, starting at Shell Trading in Europe and holding a variety of senior Strategy, Commercial and Analytics roles out of the US over the past 2 decades. Prior to Rystad, he was with S&P Global Platts as Global Head of Demand, Refining, Agriculture & Risk. He was also at Trafigura as Global Head of Product Analysis.

Daniel Gillis Technology Director Chevron Lummus Global

Dan Gillis is the Technology Director for Chevron Lummus Global where he leads technology business development and new technology commercialization activities. He is regarded as an international expert on hydroprocessing, heavy oil processes, their applications, as well as integrated solutions. He is well known in the industry and has authored numerous papers on all hydroprocessing and residue processing technologies and their role in modern refining. With the emphasis on energy transition, Dan has more recently been focusing on CLG’s sustainable fuels technology applications and circular solutions where he has been instrumental in developing and commercializing technologies that convert low carbon intensity feedstocks into renewable fuels. His career spans over 40 years from refinery operations through project development, technology development, and licensing. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.    

Benjamin Heard COO & President Gulf Coast Sequestration

Benjamin Heard has over a decade of experience in the energy industry, founding companies, leading business development, and providing legal counsel. As an entrepreneur, he has started retail electricity, energy infrastructure and exploration and production companies. Benjamin led business development efforts in North America for Centrica plc, with a focus on energy technology. He also worked for Centrica in the company’s general counsel’s office. He began his career at Bracewell LLP in the energy transactional and regulatory practice group. Benjamin has a juris doctor degree from Emory University and a Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, from Vanderbilt University.

Emily McClain Vice President Gas Market Rystad Energy

Emily McClain is a Vice President on Rystad Energy’s Gas Markets team with over 10 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, having served in various technical roles with IHS Markit, Williams and Shell. In her current role at Rystad, she is responsible for providing natural gas expertise focused on the North Americas gas market, including the United States, Canada and Mexico. Her responsibilities include coverage of upstream, midstream and downstream gas as well as pricing analysis across different North American price hubs. She is a frequent commentator on gas market affairs and has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg, and other television and radio outlets.

Bob Oesterreich Vice President Global Sales, Hydrogen Chart Industries

Bob Oesterreich is the Vice President of Global Hydrogen Sales for Chart Industries. Bob is responsible for executing Chart’s global hydrogen equipment sales strategy in the hydrogen energy markets. His responsibilities include identifying new markets for growth, developing key partnerships, identifying strategic investments, and creating new product offerings along the hydrogen energy value chain. Bob has over 24 years of experience in industrial gas applications, and business development across a variety of industries, including hydrogen energy, steelmaking, aluminum and photovoltaics. Prior to joining Chart, Bob spent 10 years developing the US hydrogen energy business for a major industrial gas company. This included developing new hydrogen supply chains, building and operating hydrogen hubs and vehicle fueling stations. Bob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

Rajesh Samarth VP & Managing Director, Chevron Lummus Global Lummus Technology

Rajesh Samarth serves as the VP and Managing Director of Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), a joint venture between Lummus Technology and Chevron. In his role, he oversees CLG's strategic direction, championing innovative technology and catalyst developments that ensure a profitable growth trajectory for the business. Drawing from more than thirty years of industry experience, Rajesh is well-known for his expertise in refining and petrochemicals, particularly in process conceptualization, planning, research and development and detailed engineering. He holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Louisiana State University.