Circular Plastics Service

Transition from a linear to a Circular Economy with Confidence


Circular Plastics Service provides a comprehensive, scenario-based evaluation of how the plastics value chain is expected to transition from a linear to a circular economy.

As we move toward a sustainable future, plastic is at the forefront of the transition. Plastic waste is affecting all industries and businesses directly.  Chemical Market Analytics, Circular Plastics Service, enables you to understand government regulations and policies, prepare a plan to mitigate risk, determine which part of your company is most vulnerable, and assess opportunities for investment.

Circular Plastics Service enables you to:

  • Track government regulations, policies, and targets established by brand owners, industry alliances, NGOs, and ESG investors and understand what this means for your business in the countries and regions where you have operations
  • Prepare a plan to mitigate against major sustainability-driven shifts in downstream plastics consumption
  • Determine which parts of the company’s product offerings are most vulnerable to reductions in demand for virgin (non-recycled) plastic.
  • Assess opportunities for investment collaboration in circularity
  • Assess the relative value propositions of competing recycle technologies and anticipate where investments will be directed to scale infrastructure.
  • Anticipate the timing and magnitude of the impact on feedstocks that will develop during the plastics transition to circularity

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