World Analysis – Nylon Fibers

Proposed Table of Contents


Executive Overview

Strategic Insights

  • Lifestyles and spending patterns have changed due to COVID-19
  • Growth of electric vehicle production
  • Sustainability issues for nylon
  • Polyester will continue to take market share against nylon
  • Nylon supply chain disruption

Production Process Economics

  • Explanatory Notes
  • Production Process Economics

Production Process Overview

  • Introduction
  • Nylon 6 Chip/Resin
  • Polymerization Mechanism
  • Final Chip Production Steps
  • Nylon 6,6 Chip/Resin

Price Forecast

  • Methodology
  • Nylon Chip/Resin
  • Nylon Fiber
  • Price Forecast Tables

Supply/Demand Forecast Methodology


    Meiko Woo

    Anthony Tso

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