World Analysis – Nylon Feedstocks

Proposed Table of Contents


Executive Overview

Strategic Insights

  • Oversupply of caprolactam and adipic acid in mainland China will take a long time to absorb and lead to uneven developments across regions
  • The global cyclohexane market will remain structurally long for the next decade
  • The ADN business will face a structural shift once ADN capacity additions come onstream in mainland China. North American ADN producers will face the brunt of the emerging competition
  • Non-nylon demand for ADA and HMDA will remain generally strong, despite some ongoing substitution in the PU market
  • Recycling and environmental sustainability will have only minor impacts on demand for conventional feedstocks in the near term
  • Biogenerated ADA, CPL, and HMDA are in various stages of development,
    but the impact in the near term is minimal

North America

South America

West Europe

Central Europe

CIS & Baltic States


Middle East

Indian Subcontinent

Mainland China

Other Northeast Asia

Southeast Asia

Production Process Overview

  • Introduction
  • Cyclohexane
  • Caprolactam
  • Adipic Acid
  • Adiponitrile
  • Hexamethylenediamine

Production Process Economics

  • Explanatory Notes
  • Production Process Economics

Price Forecast

  • Methodology
  • Nylon Feedstocks
    – Cyclohexane
    – Caprolactam
    – Adipic Acid
    – Hexamethylenediamine
    – Nylon Chip Resin
  • Price Forecast Tables

Supply/demand forecast methodology


    Meiko Woo

    Anthony Tso

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