World Analysis – Ethylene

Proposed Table of Contents


Executive Overview

Strategic Insights

  • Energy Transition – Implications for Ethylene Feedstock Supply
  • Crude Oil-to-Chemicals (COTC)
  • Plastic Circularity
  • Net Zero Emissions
  • Steam crackers in mainland China
  • Methanol-to-olefins and Coal-to-olefins in mainland China
  • The impact of the dual control policy in mainland China
  • The European Green Deal and Fit for 55

North America

South America

West Europe

Central Europe

CIS & Baltic States


Middle East

Indian Subcontinent

China (Mainland)

Other Northeast Asia

Southeast Asia

Production Process Overview

  • Introduction
  • Ethylene Production
  • Ethylene Technologies and Licensing
  • Alternative Ethylene Production Technologies
  • MTO Process
  • Fischer-Tropsch Process
  • Refinery Off-Gas

Production Economics

  • Explanatory Notes
  • United States
    – Purity Ethane
    – Propane
    – Butane
    – Light Naphtha
  • West Europe
    – Full Range Naphtha (High Severity)
    – Propane
    – Butane
  • Southeast Asia
    – Full Range Naphtha (Low Severity)
  • Northeast Asia
    – Full Range Naphtha (Low Severity)
    – Propane
    – Butane
    – Coal-to-Olefins
    – Methanol-to-Olefins

Price Forecast

  • Methodology
  • North America
  • West Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • Ethylene Price Forecast Tables

Supply/Demand Forecast Methodology


  • CIS and Baltic States project update
  • Middle East and Africa olefin projects revisited


Steve Lewandowski

Matthew Thoelke

William Chen

Mike Park

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