MAS: China Polyolefins

Market Advisory Service: North Olefins/Polyolefins Daily            

China Polyolefins provides a comprehensive view of the Chinese markets for polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and polypropylene and their relationships with upstream feedstocks and downstream end-use markets.

Service Includes:

Monthly market snapshot

The monthly report contains a summary of the China and Asian markets, macroeconomic and feedstock market overviews, an in-depth analysis of supply/demand balances and import/export conditions, industry profitability, end-consumer market conditions, as well as an analysis of operating conditions and buying patterns, and sensitivity analysis of key events affecting the market in the future. The monthly reports also provide updates on the timing of new plant start-ups, operating and maintenance schedules for major supplier plants, and supply/demand balances. The accompanying database search tool contains historical and forecast data on prices and economics, with monthly price forecasts for the last two years and annual price forecasts for the next five years.

Weekly market update

The weekly report contains price discovery and review of polyolefin markets in China (including North, East and South China) as well as North America, Europe, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and India, spot transactions, overseas suppliers’ offers, port inventories and plant maintenance updates, with a focus on supply and demand, especially the correlation between inventory days and prices, and unfavorable and favorable factors for the market forecast.

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