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Market Advisory Service: Global Nylon Fibers & Feedstocks                                   


The Global Ethylene Oxide, Glycol & Derivatives service provides a comprehensive, forward-looking view of the MEG, DEG, TEG, EO, and major EO derivatives markets based on a careful, detailed analysis of the entire value chain. Prices and other relevant econometrics are included in the service.

Service Includes:
Weekly Market Snapshot

The weekly report contains a brief review of recent and projected trends in Ethylene Oxide, Glycols (MEG, DEG, TEG), and major EO Derivatives (Glycol Ethers, Ethanolamines, and Ethoxylates): developments in contract prices, regional spot market trading ranges, and supply/demand information. The overview is global, including region-by-region summaries of current events in Asia, North America, and Europe/Middle East.

Monthly Market Analysis       

Commercial Support

Personal telephone and/or email discussions and meetings on the subject matter covered in the monthly report.                                                                                               

Webinar Update

Each webinar will discuss a review of what happened in North America, Europe/Middle East, and Asia. Additionally, each webinar will have commentary on pertinent market happening and subjects relative to the time frame (e.g. global economy shifts, trade war, etc.).

Data Supplement          

This report provides comprehensive data for supply/demand, trade, and operating schedules for most of the ethylene oxide and monoethylene glycol plants in the world.

Market Research Focus Report          

This report covers additional research about important and timely issues facing the Ethylene Oxide and its derivatives industry. Past topics of analysis include Covid-19 and its impacts, Ethylene Oxide Derivatives in Europe, Anti-Dumping Duties on MEG, and Ethylene Carbonate, among others.

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