Polyester Textile Filament

Market Advisory Service: Global Polyester Fibers & Feedstocks         

The Global Polyester Fibers & Feedstocks service provides a comprehensive view of world markets for the polyester value chain and their relationships with upstream and downstream sectors. Products covered include Paraxylene; Monoethylene Glycol – Fiber Grade (MEG); Terephthalic Acid (PTA); Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT); Polyester [Spinning Chip; Fiberfill and Textile Staple; Textile and Industrial Filament]

Service Includes:
Weekly Market Snapshot

This weekly report includes an up-to-the-minute review of polyester and feedstocks, as well as developments in pricing, market trading ranges, margins/economics, and operating rates. This section is also offered in Chinese.

Monthly Market Analysis       


This report is emailed to clients at the beginning of the month and contains price forecasts for the major polyester markets and their feedstocks for the U.S., West Europe, and the Far East, as well as commentary on significant events such as operational and trade changes, process economics for products covered, a discussion of current and near-term supply/demand conditions, and insightful analysis of events affecting future markets.                                                                                                 

Data Supplement          

Each month, clients receive the international trade statistics supplement covering the main products. In addition, alternating every other month, clients will receive the supply/demand balance supplement or the price and production economics supplement, each of which includes plant operating schedules.

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